Democrats Honor Disgraced Delegate

Democrats in the Maryland House of Delegates gave an award to a former member on Tuesday who was embroiled in a disgraceful sex scandal.

Delegate Kirill Reznik of Montgomery County tweeted that the House awarded the “Thomas Kennedy Award in legislative courage” to former Anne Arundel County Delegate Joan Cadden.

Cadden, a Democrat, has long been out of the public eye after losing her bid for re-election in 2006. Which means that many legislators probably forgot one of the reasons that she left.

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In 2001 it came to light that Cadden had been engaged in a cover-up of allegations of sexual abuse by her husband, as the Washington Post reported at the time:

A member of the Maryland House of Delegates is facing calls for her resignation for her failure to report allegations that her husband molested a young relative.

Del. Joan Cadden’s husband, Raymond A. Cadden Sr., 60, was convicted June 19 on charges of child abuse and third-degree sex offenses and faces 15 years in prison. Four years earlier, the child told her father about the abuse, but after a solemn family conference that included Joan Cadden and her husband, they all agreed to bottle up the matter so it would not harm Cadden’s blossoming political career.

“The solution we reached at that time was if I went to counseling, we could work it out,” Raymond Cadden later told a judge. “I did it for the family. Joan is a politician, and I was trying to protect her.”

That solution didn’t work. Last December, the girl told her doctor of the abuse and he reported it to authorities. 

Read the whole story if you want to know all of the sordid, disgusting, and gross details.

So here, in 2019, at a time in which the Maryland General Assembly is still trying to deal with its own culture of sexual harassment, the General Assembly decides to honor a Delegate who knew that sexual assault and molestation happened within her own family and deliberately hid it from the authorities to protect her political career. Some paragon of legislative courage.

There is no reason that somebody like Joan Cadden should be given any sort of award, and it’s disgusting that the General Assembly honored somebody with this type of stain on their record. It’s an embarrassment to the state, and the award should be rescinded at once.

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