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Busch’s Economic Aloofness

The lack of self-awareness from Maryland Democrats about how what they do affects people is incredible.

Buried in this story regarding the opening of the General Assembly session, Speaker Mike Busch talks about why he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour:

A bill has not been introduced, but Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch said Wednesday they want to raise the minimum wage.

“We are the wealthiest state in the country,” Busch said, but despite that, “many people are struggling to make ends meet.”

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Busch told delegates he would “make that one of our priorities in this four-year term.”

It’s almost as if Busch has taken no time for self-reflection as to his role exacerbating the reasons why many people are struggling to make ends meet in this, the wealthiest of states.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in the 40 consecutive tax and fee increases passed during the O’Malley years.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in passing a regressive sales tax increase that disproportionately hurts the middle and working class.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in allowing the ever-increasing regulatory state that makes it harder for people to start or expand a business.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in convincing Democrats that Maryland’s economy can forever rely on the largesse of the federal government through federal jobs and federal contractors.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in passing “fair-share fee” laws that confiscate money from public union employees and redistributes it to Democrat-supporting public sector unions.

Mike Busch takes no responsibility for his role in creating hyperpartisan gerrymandered legislative districts that create the political environment that allows for these poor economic decisions to be made.

Mike Busch, through his support of a higher minimum wage, is acknowledging that he and the rest of the Democrats made Maryland a more expensive place to live. None of this is news: we were writing about it five years ago. But as we know, it won’t fix the underlying reasons why Maryland is such an expensive place to live, and it will likely make those problems worse through higher prices for customers and fewer job opportunities for the workers who would need these minimum wage jobs.

If Busch really wants to do something to help make Maryland more affordable, he should look at the man in the mirror and asking himself why he’s been sticking it to working Marylanders throughout his 32-year political career.

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