Media Takes a Pass on MDGOP Convention

Did you know the Maryland Republican Party Convention even happened? The Media sure didn’t.

Let us take you back to last weekend when there was blanket media coverage of the Maryland Democratic Party Convention. There was mainstream media coverage before the convention. And not just in the Post, but extensive coverage in the Sun, in Maryland Matters, and a number of locations. After the results of the convention were known, there were multiple stories across multiple outlets; the Sun, the Frederick News Post, Bethesda Beat, the Daily Record, and multiple stories by Maryland Matters both from the convention and in the post-convention analysis.

Heck even today, the Baltimore Sun is already interviewing new Democratic Party Chair Maya Rockeymoore Cummings about her plans from the Democratic Party.

What kind of mainstream media coverage was there of the Republican Convention? Crickets. So far, the mainstream media has only published two stories about the convention: one from the Baltimore Sun, which reads like they just checked out what happened on Twitter, and another from Maryland Matters that cited Red Maryland’s Twitter account as the source for their information.

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Why is that? Because almost no media attended the convention on Saturday. The only credential media members in attendance were myself representing Red Maryland, and the husband of now former 3rd MDGOP Vice-Chairman Shannon Wright who hosts their own podcast.

The rest of the media? The Sun? The Post? Maryland Matters? They didn’t show up to cover a major party convention held by the party of the sitting governor.

As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for our Friday Night show, my special edition of The Air Raid and the Red Maryland Twitter feed there would have been no media coverage of the convention at all.

That may seem like enough media bias for you, but it goes a little deeper than that. The headline of the story at Maryland Matters states “State GOP Elects All-Male Executive Committee.” Yes, it is a true statement, but the headline gives absolutely no context whatsoever. The story doesn’t state that each of the four contested offices had at least one women contesting that office. The story doesn’t state that women were among the nominators for male candidates and that men were among the nominators for female candidates. The story doesn’t mention that more than half of the voting members of the Central Committee in attendance were women. And it certainly fails to point out that two of the elected Executive Committee members are African-Americans.

If you read only the Maryland Matters story you would get the impression that the convention was a misogyny festival that only elected white dudes to lead the party when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Conservatives and Republicans already have trust issues when it comes to the mainstream media. And we have documented time and again how there are trust issues when it comes to certain local outlets. But the media is basically putting the ball on the tee for conservatives when they choose to provide blanket coverage to the Maryland Democratic Party convention, complete skip the Maryland Republican Party convention, and provide stories covering the results which give unfair impressions of what actually happened during the voting. We have lamented many times about the state of local media, particularly the lack of local coverage and the lack of quality of the coverage that we get. Intentional editorial decisions to cover the convention of one party and to give lip service to coverage of another certainly does not give the full story to news consumers, nor does it provide a great deal of trust in the media from Republican officer holders and conservative activists.

The rest of the media has to do better.


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