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2018 in Review: 30 Most Read Stories

If you want to know what Red Marylander readers read most in 2018, here it is: the stories in Maryland Republican and conservative politics that got the highest readership:

  1. Candidate Survey: Tony Campbell for US Senate
  2. Candidate Survey: Charles Anthony for Congress, District 3
  3. Candidate Survey: John Graziani for U.S. Senate
  4. Local Ballot Questions Recommendations
  5. Candidate Survey: Evan Cronhardt for US Senate
  6. Candidate Survey: Bill Krehnbrink for US Senate
  7. They Nominated a Socialist
  8. BREAKING: Chelsea Manning to run for US Senate in Maryland
  9. Conspiracy Theorist Files for U.S. Senate
  10. Candidate Survey: Julie Reiley for Montgomery County Board of Education
  11. Candidate Survey: Albert Binyahmin Howard for U.S. Senate
  12. Candidate Survey: Nnabu Eze for US Senate
  13. Candidate Survey: Chris Chaffee for US Senate
  14. Candidate Survey: Blaine Taylor for US Senate
  15. Candidate Survey: Felicia Folarin for Prince George’s County Council At-Large
  16. Candidate Survey: Brian Vaeth for US Senate
  17. Candidate Survey: Brian Noon for Baltimore County Sheriff
  18. Red Maryland is AGAINST Question 2
  19. Candidate Survey: Christina Grigorian for US Senate
  20. Candidate Survey: Laura Simon for Montgomery County Board of Education
  21. Ethics Complaint Filed Against Jesse Colvin
  22. Candidate Survey: Maureen Carr-York for Anne Arundel County Orphan’s Court
  23. Republican Senate Candidate Has Troubled Political Past
  24. Bombshell Allegations of Abuse Made Against Delegate Karen Lewis Young
  25. Candidate Survey: Karla Silvestre for Montgomery County Board of Education
  26. Candidate Survey: Marlena Jareaux for Howard County Clerk of the Court
  27. Red Maryland is FOR Question 1
  28. Who’s Funding the Ben Jealous SuperPAC?
  29. GOP Senate Primary Turns Negative
  30. Democrats Disembowel Their Leadership

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