We’re Hiring

With the 2018 Elections behind us, we’d like to again put out a call for new voices and new views to join Red Maryland.

We’re looking for people interested in both writing about Maryland politics or talking about it on a podcast on the Red Maryland Network.

We want new writers and new podcasters to make the case for conservative principles and conservative policies in our state. There are a number of hot topics of government and policy in Maryland.

We’re also looking for writers who want to focus on local issues going on in your county. Maybe it’s new zoning regulations. Maybe it’s fireworks at a County Commission meeting. Maybe there’s drama in a local Republican Central Committee.

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Whether it’s a statewide election or a local town issue, we want your perspectives.

Why are we doing this? For the same reason that we launched Red Maryland nearly ten years ago; because these underreported stories have a direct impact on the lives of each and every Marylander. County and state government decisions impact your property taxes, your property values, jobs, land use, the environment, and so much more. These state and local offices have a far greater impact on each and every Marylander than a Presidential election but get a fraction of the coverage. Given changes in technology and the ability to reach people via social media, we can continue to change this.

If you want to be a part of the team to write or do a podcast for Red Maryland, email us at or call us at 410-205-4875 to discuss it with us. Please include where you’re from, a phone number, and a little bit about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.

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