Democrats Lining Up 2019 Assault on Taxpayers

We’re just two weeks beyond the 2018 Election but Maryland Democrats are already preparing their next assault against Maryland taxpayers:

Buoyed by the midterm elections in which health care played a key role, lawmakers and advocates for the Affordable Care Act in Maryland say they will push a plan to require more people to get coverage.

The proposal is a response to congressional Republicans’ move to strip enforcement of the federal mandate to buy coverage beginning in the new year….

….Under the plan, residents would have to pay a state penalty for going without coverage. But unlike under the federal mandate, uninsured residents could choose to use their fine as a down payment on a policy from the state health exchange.

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You didn’t think that defeating Ben Jealous was going to be the end of the Democrats coming after your health care, did you?

There are a couple of interesting things to note here, not the least of which is that Maryland Democrats are trying to parlay their election victories that came due to the unpopularity of President Donald Trump into something that a lot of Marylanders probably don’t want.

That tax increase the Democrats want? A minimum of $700 a year on Maryland families:

Under the proposed mandate, people would be asked on their state tax returns if they have health coverage and those answering no would pay about $700 or 2.5 percent of household income, whichever is higher, or they could choose to use the fine to buy an insurance policy.

When you consider that the median household income for Maryland families is $69,272, that means most Maryland families will either be required to carry health insurance, or be forced to pay $1,731.80 to the state of Maryland either in the form of a tax or a “down payment” on a policy from the state Obamacare exchange.

The people overwhelmingly re-elected Governor Larry Hogan earlier this month are probably not going to take too kindly to this.

Unsurprisingly this tax hike scheme is being pushed by the usual radical left-wing suspects in Annapolis like State Senator Brian Feldman and Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk, two radical left-wing Democrats who thanks to Democratic gerrymandering never have to face real competition in a general election.

The higher tax scheme is also, of course, being pushed by Vinny DeMarco who notoriously took money from both big tobacco and then big pharma in order to push their agendas onto the people of Maryland.

DeMarco’s quote to the Sun, though, gives away the game:

“This will get a lot more people insured,” DeMarco said. “We would identify people eligible for Medicaid and get them insurance and tell people that the penalty along with their tax credits would get them full insurance. I think the vast majority will say yes.”

This is less about getting people health care than it is about getting people health insurance and qualifying them under Medicaid. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it will qualify Maryland for additional federal Medicaid funds. But it’s also a backdoor Medicaid for All scheme, the very same type of expensive and bloated scheme that Marylanders rejected when Ben Jealous proposed it during the gubernatorial election.

Maybe they’ll make sure that CASA de Maryland gets another handout, too.

Nobody should be surprised that Democrats are up to their usual games not even two weeks after the election. Democrats are already looking for new ways to get into your wallet, raise your taxes, and bloat the size of government. What’s most damning about this scheme, however, is that it directly affects the vulnerable. Much like the Federal Obamacare mandate, this state tax specifically targets those Marylanders who are least able to afford health insurance. Instead of creating intelligent, market-based solutions to get people coverage these Democrats want to continue to throw good money after bad by just outright confiscating money from these folks or by forcing them onto the already doomed healthcare exchanges.

This is not the populist power-to-the-people shtick that anti-Trump voters thought they were going to get.

While we presume that Governor Hogan will likely veto any such tax-hiking scheme, it will be incumbent upon voters and taxpayers to keep the pressure on Democrat legislators and remind them that, thanks to redistricting, they may finally have to answer for a lot of bad, bad votes they’ve taken over the years come 2022.

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