The Tangled Web of Steve Hershkowitz

If you’ve been reading news stories about Ben Jealous recently, you’ll notice one name keep popping up: Steve Hershkowitz.

Hershkowitz is serving as a Ben Jealous campaign spokesman at present. For example, from Friday’s story of a Jealous staffer assaulting a Hogan staffer:

Jealous spokesman Steven Hershkowitz said that if anyone should apologize, it’s Hogan “for trying to distract people from the real issues.”

“This was not an assault or anything like it,” Hershkowitz said.

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However, Hershkowitz is also a bit of a nexus between the Jealous campaign, the teacher’s union, and a super PAC.

Hershkowitz is officially on the Jealous campaign payroll, receiving $2470.64. 

(The other interesting thing about this filing was learning that a guy working for the Democratic nominee for Governor of Maryland and who previously was Press Secretary of the Maryland State Education Association is a resident of……Washington, DC.)

Prior to joining the Jealous campaign, Hershkowitz served as Press Secretary of the Maryland State Education Association.

Now that screen cap is a cached version of the page available from Google. The current view of that page looks something like this:

The page seemingly hasn’t been deleted, but that page is not publicly available.

At the same time, the LinkedIn profile for Hershkowitz lists the MSEA job as his *current* job:


So what to make of all of this? Well, it would seem likely that Hershkowitz will be returning to his job as MSEA Press Secretary in November after the Jealous campaign wraps up. All well and good.

The question comes with Hershkowitz’s position in the Jealous campaign, his relationship with MSEA, and MSEA’s relationship with the Maryland Together We Rise PAC. The MSEA is the largest Maryland-based contributor to the pro-Jealous SuperPAC, and they have a professional relationship with one of Jealous’s top lieutenants.

The real question everybody should be asking is whether or not the Jealous campaign has engaged in improper coordination with the Maryland Together We Rise PAC.  The fact is: we don’t know. We may never know. But the appearance of potential impropriety is there and at the very least it clarifies the relationship between Jealous and the union that pushed him over the finish line in the Democratic primary.

The Jealous campaign must make a statement confirming that their campaign did not improperly coordinate with Maryland Together We Rise.

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