The Last Ride of Captain Corruption, Martin O’Malley

Martin O’Malley, still fresh off of getting nobody to vote for him during the 2016 Presidential Primary, decided to take digital pen to paper to take cheap shots at Governor Larry Hogan.

You can peruse O’Malley’s editorial all of you want. He keeps digging around to make a capital case out of unsubstantiated rumors, facts that don’t actually connect, and Democratic fever dreams at a time in which the Democratic standard-bearer for Governor goes down in total flames.

Red Maryland, of course, was around for all eight years of the O’Malley Administration. That’s why when you do a search for “O’Malley Corruption” you come back with quite a few stories.

And that’s just some of what was going on during the O’Malley years. Feel free to browse our archives to find out tons more corruption and mismanagement on Martin O’Malley’s watch. During the O’Malley Years Maryland was run like a Banana Republic, making sure that the politically connected get wealthy at the expense of taxpayers.

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Martin O’Malley can have a fever dream all he wants about alleged corruption that does not exist. Maybe he’s confused because the Hogan Administration has been run in an ethical manner whereas the O’Malley Administration was an ongoing series of corruption and scandals for eight years.

Either way, O’Malley’s temper tantrum is exactly that; a tantrum by a politician who is no longer politically relevant who is seeing his tarnished legacy dismantled by a popular governor who has the overwhelming support of the people of Maryland.

Voters are going to see this pathetic op-ed for what it is; the last desperate cry of a failed politician who has faded from relevance.

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