Guest Column: Are MoCo Republicans Angry Enough?

Today, we bring you a guest column by Marc King, Republican candidate for the House of Delegates in District 15

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The activities and actions of the past week reflect the ugly underbelly of politics and how the Dems will stop at nothing to regain power. There is nothing new in that general statement, the TV pundits have been using this description essentially non-stop to describe the actions and counteractions of the Kavanaugh hearings.

It is important to take note of what is happening right before our eyes even at the state and county level. Dems at all levels of government are beginning take the same attitude as their counterparts at the federal level. This week the MoCo delegation to the Maryland State House injected themselves into the Kavanaugh hearing by demanding first that the MoCo State Attorney and Chief of Police open a criminal investigation into the matter and when that was rejected based on the law; they demanded that Governor Hogan do the same with the Maryland State Police. We know the outcome, he simply told them no!

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But see what is happening here. Instead of remaining focused on the problems and issues that are relevant to the voters of MoCo, our current delegation is entering the fray to lend their weight and support to the congressional Dems in their “Reject Kavanaugh / Anti-Trump” at any cost agenda. This should make you angry… and I suspect it does. In fact, I know it angers you judging from the emails that have been exchanged in the days leading up to where we are now.

But if the email traffic is any indication of how angry you really are then I will have to say you are not angry enough.

The level of vitriol on the left far exceeds the counter-response from the right. Yes, of course, there are conservative posting in social media against what is happening, but it does not reflect the outrage that should be happening right here in MoCo. At least one of the Dems running for the statehouse, Lily Qi, has come out in clear support of Dr. Ford and her specious account of events. Qi is not focused on the poor job she did as the business development executive for MoCo under Leggett. She does not want the voters to look at her record… net 6 new business for the county in 10 years or 10,000,000 sq. ft. of empty office space across the county. No, she wants you to know that she will take the same RESISTANCE ideas and poor business sense to Annapolis. She will oppose Governor Hogan when the issue of improving traffic on I-270 or putting a lockbox on casino revenues for school improvements or lowering taxes and fees for business’ across Maryland or re-districting is raised. She will RESIST, and we will pay the price, literally, we will pay the price.

You see, this RESIST thing is working for them and we, collectively, do not appear to be angry enough to stop it. So, what do we need you to do… If you are not on Twitter or Facebook get on it. Find your candidates and support them, share their posts and note the difference with those they are running against. Find their candidates on Facebook and Twitter or Instagram and call them out for their poor policies and ideas. Get out and volunteer to door knock at least once a week for the next 36 days… that is all the time we have left to make a difference for MoCo. Please put aside the “party manners” and “take off the white gloves”. Fight like we mean it. If we don’t do it this election cycle, we may never have a chance this good ever again. Our candidates are strong, issue-oriented and smart and ready to take up the task of helping Governor Hogan make good on his promises to the people of Maryland.

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