General Election Endorsements: Anne Arundel County Board of Education

In the Primary Election, we made endorsements in three of the four Anne Arundel County Board of Education races.

As we wrote then:

One of the reasons that this is so important is because of the never-ending struggle between the Board of Education and County Government. The School Board relies on county government to fund county schools, meaning that the Board Members are totally dependent on the County Executive and the County Council to provide funding.

Unfortunately, all too often Board of Education members take positions that are adversarial to county government and more important adversarial to county taxpayers. Board members have prioritized spending growth over meaningful change to the administrative structure of the system, the curriculum being taught in schools, or the physical plant of the schools themselves. Far too often, the Boards rely on Democratic talking points and succumb to pressure from union activists…..

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….It is imperative that Anne Arundel County voters elect Board of Education members who are dedicated to both improving schools and spending responsibly. It’s important to put children first and to pay teachers a respectable wage, but not to follow the Democratic and Union playbook of spending to excess and demand more and more taxpayer dollars.

All of what we wrote in May still rings true today. Our three endorsees from the primary, David Starr in District 1, Terry Gilleland in District 5, and Michelle Corkadel in District 7, won their primary and advanced to the General Election. They all have strong records of supporting conservative causes and being advocates for education. We naturally continue to support them.

We would also like to add our endorsement of Melissa Ellis in District 4. Ellis is a common-sense candidate who will put the emphasis back into the classroom with children and teachers as opposed to the administration-heavy school system. She wants to bring transparency and a truly independent voice to the Board.

Her opponent in the General Election is incumbent Julie Hummer, a Democratic-leaning activist who has publicly called for $100 million in new taxes on Anne Arundel County voters and has been obstructionist when in working with the county administration. Hummer is the kind of politically left-leaning school board member that would be appealing to the Democrats and the Teachers Union, and would put their interests ahead of the interests of parents, teachers, students, and taxpayers.

To that end, Red Maryland endorses the following candidates for the Anne Arundel County Board of Education:

  • District 1: David Starr
  • District 4: Melissa Ellis
  • District 5: Terry Gilleland
  • District 7: Michelle Corkadel

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