Ethics Complaint Filed Against Jesse Colvin

The Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee has lodged an ethics complaint against Democratic Congressional Challenge Jesse Colvin.

In the complaint Baltimore County GOP Chairman Al Mendolsohn, who lodged the complaint against Colvin, alleging that Colvin was committing “occupancy fraud” related to the DC Homestead Property Tax Exemption.

A similar issue tripped up Republican US Senate Candidate Chrys Kefalas in 2016.

Colvin is the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 1st District, challenging Republican Congressman Andy Harris.

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Red Maryland obtained the following summary of the complaint:

Jesse Colvin lied on financial disclosure forms filed earlier this year with federal ethics officials and allegedly continues to commit occupancy fraud in Washington, D.C. After filing his financial disclosures months beyond the deadline, Colvin intentionally omitted information about a significant personal property asset and related unearned rental income in an effort to conceal his Washington, D.C. ties. 

In the summer of 2017, Jesse Colvin claimed on FEC contribution forms to reside at 215 I St. NE #310 Washington, D.C., the condominium owned by his wife.  In October of 2017, he changed his voter registration from his parents Baltimore City residence (where he had been registered to vote since 2002) to his current Perry Hall, MD residence in CD1. Three days after changing his voter registration into CD-01, he filed to run for Congress.

Despite clear federal requirements to the contrary, Colvin intentionally hid this swanky condominium owned under his wife’s name from federal ethics officials and hid the related rental income they drew as landlords.  Rental databases indicate the property was rented from the fall of 2017 through today, and that Colvin’s wife is currently relisting the property for rental under her maiden name. 

Colvin has a strong background in the fraud area, and understands the laws, filing requirements, and consequences. And yet the lying does not stop with federal ethics officials and continues to the local level where they Colvins are committing occupancy fraud as they continue to take a DC Homestead Property Tax exemption–an exemption reserved for those living at the property and claiming it as their primary domicile.  They also failed to obtain the certificate of occupancy from Washington, D.C. authorities or the related safety inspection prior to renting this property. 

A copy of the letter Mendolsohn submitted to the Office of Congressional Ethics is below:

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