Bombshell Allegations of Abuse Made Against Delegate Karen Lewis Young

A woman who served as a legislative aide to Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young made a bombshell accusation of abusive behavior by the Delegate.

In a post made on Facebook, former Young aide April Lemons provides a lengthy detailing of allegations she has made against Young from her time working for the Delegate.

I worked for Senator Young’s office for about a year, then I was hired by Delegate Karen Lewis Young. The position with her office paid substantially more. I worked for her for about 4 months and resigned without notice because I couldn’t take it anymore. She was the worst boss I ever had and when I say the worst, I mean working for her made me miss the days I worked at a car dealership and was sexually harassed daily. I found her to be emotionally and mentally abusive to myself and other staff within the Maryland General Assembly. It wrecked my health. In addition to the abuse, during the Legislative Session, she forced me to do her campaign work on State time (read: taxpayers paid me to campaign for her).

Today, I reported it. I went on record.

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It doesn’t matter if she is a woman.

It doesn’t matter if she’s an elected official.

It doesn’t matter if there’s D by her name. She can still economically exploit people.

Abuse is abuse. It’s not just men -women can abuse other women.

Unethical behavior is still unethical.

No elected official should ever force staff to do campaign work on State time as I was forced to do, nor should staff tolerate a toxic and hostile work environment. No one should have their boss calling them on a Sunday screaming at them. Your boss shouldn’t play manipulative head games with you. Your boss should not discuss their sex life or marital issues with you nor should they take those issues out on you.

Will anything come of it? Probably not to her. For me though, reporting this is career suicide. Luckily, I am out of politics. I resigned from everything. All the work I was doing -the volunteer and advocacy work. I even resigned from the Democratic party. I’m out.

“Why didn’t you report it sooner?”

Because I have a family of six I am supporting. Because I needed to find another job. Because for months random things would trigger the panic attacks that she gave me. Because I couldn’t talk about it without choking on tears. Because I knew going to work for her was dicey. She’d been through at least 6 assistants before me in 3 years. Because I “should have known” when I saw her yell at a disabled constituent at a townhall meeting. I knew she routinely yelled at Maryland General Assembly staff -including those who do not report to her. I knew she had a horrible reputation for being the worst to work for. Because the abuse didn’t end when I stopped working for her but continued as she began spreading malicious rumors about me of such severity that I had to seek legal counsel to protect my name. Because I am not the first person who this has happened to but am the first to break the silence. Because it took time to figure out who to report this to. Because it took a fuck ton of courage to speak out when a few encouraged me to stay silent for the good of the party/election.

When HR asked me what I want to happen, I said: I know she’s done this to former staff and staff that have come after me. She preys on economically vulnerable people who are dedicated to higher goals. She’s smart and she knows what she’s doing even if she blames everyone else. I want it to stop. I want her held accountable. I want her to know her behavior is unethical and abusive. I told the Delegate and she wouldn’t listen.

Will she stop? Probably not. Will she win reelection? Yeah because Vote Blue No Matter Who!

Personally, I’m people over party. She will never get my vote. No one who behaves that way will get my vote. (Sorry Republicans in 3A- you’re not getting my vote either) You do not have to choose between the lesser of two evils -you can abstain. It’s ok! Abusive, unethical people do not deserve to hold public office. Ever. Ethics and morals matter and no political party owns that. If you can’t stand up for that, then why bother voting at all?

Lemons comments are rather damning, and hint at a pattern of alleged abuse from Delegate Young towards her staff members.

Delegate Young has not commented publicly on the allegations, and it will be interesting to see if and how she does respond.

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