Anne Arundel Democrats Attend Fundraiser Hosted by Disgraced Councilman

Democratic candidates in Anne Arundel County attended a fundraiser last night hosted by disgraced formal County Councilman Daryl Jones.

The event was documented on Facebook by Carl Snowden, himself a disgraced Democratic leader who has found guilty of multiple drunk driver and drug possession charges.

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Democrats attending the event at the disgraced councilman’s house included:

  • Steuart Pittman, candidate for County Executive;
  • Anne Colt Leitess, candidate for State’s Attorney
  • Delegate Pam Beidle, candidate for State Senate;
  • District 32 Delegate Mark Chang
  • Mike Rogers, candidate for Delegate in District 32
  • Sandy Bartlett, candidate for Delegate in District 32
  • Vickie Gipson, candidate for Orphan’s Court

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Daryl Jones is a former member of the Anne Arundel County Council. Jones was sentenced to federal prison after failing to file personal income tax returns for four years and quarterly business payroll tax returns for six years after he “willfully” neglected to file tax returns for $250,000 in income. Jones was kicked out of office by his fellow Anne Arundel County Councilman members, but eventually he was returned to the council after he successfully sued in order to be restored to his seat after serving time in prison.

It’s a weird decision for Democrats facing the voters starting with today’s launch of early voting to willingly appear at a fundraiser hosted by somebody who disgraced himself and disgraced Anne Arundel County with his conviction for tax evasion. It’s especially weird for Anne Colt Leitess, who ostensibly would be returned to office in order to protect Anne Arundel County from lawbreakers but has no qualms in leaning on fellow Democratic lawbreakers to help her raise money and turn out the vote during this election.

This shouldn’t, however, be a surprise, as Democrats were silent when Jones returned to the council in 2013:

What’s equally troubling is the fact that neither the Anne Arundel County Democratic Party nor the Maryland Democratic Party have said one peep about their freshest elected official, who has come back from the political dead to sit on a County Council despite the fact that he has been convicted of a federal offense. Where are the calls for resignation? Where are the calls for condemnation? Where is the call for his removal? Why do you think it is appropriate for a criminal to regain his seat on the County Council through nefarious legal maneuvering.

These Democrats should tell voters why they thought it was appropriate to appear at any event like this held by a disgraced former Councilmember.

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