Trone Campaign Gives Bizarre Rebuttal

In a bizarre turn of events, the campaign of Congressional candidate David Trone has decided to attack the messenger.

As you know, we reported over the weekend that Democrats were hopeful that Trone would withdraw from the race and be replaced with another candidate.

In a statement released yesterday, Trone campaign manager Jerid Kurtz launched a bizarre attack against Red Maryland and Amie Hoeber:

“It’s incredibly offensive that Amie Hoeber’s Republican attack dogs are playing politics with news about David Trone’s health, and we call on Hoeber to demand they immediately stop. David is committed to doing everything he can for the people of the 6th District, his prognosis is excellent, and he’s fully committed to this race. Like Governor Hogan, David is prepared to handle the duties of elected office, and any suggestion otherwise is a lie.”

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Notwithstanding the Ohio-based Kurtz’s ignorance of political realities, the Kurtz attack makes absolutely no sense at all.

First, Amie Hoeber Amie Hoeber has publicly and privately wished Trone well and has said nothing about his cancer diagnosis:

“I just left a message on David Trone’s telephone to tell him that I hope he has a speedy recovery from his cancer,” she said. “In my message I also sent June and the Trone family my wishes for the strength to help him through this. It must be extremely difficult to deal with these matters while in the public spotlight.”

The Hoeber campaign, correctly, pushed back against this ridiculous assertion:

Paul Ellington, accused Trone’s campaign of using Red Maryland’s blog post “to attack our campaign or in some way make this a line of attack for political purposes. We hope that they refrain from inserting this into the campaign. Today’s statement certainly implies they were determined to do so and that’s unfortunate.”

The more damning thing about Kurtz’s statement is that it doesn’t address the main issue, which is the fact that Democrats want Trone off the ballot. The Trone Campaign may be angry that we reported on a rumor that was checked out through multiple sources. But that call is coming from inside the Democrats house, not from any of Trone’s political opponents. If Team Trone has a beef with anybody, they should take that up with the Democratic establishment that wants them to take a hike.

The Trone campaign’s reaction to all of this is rather interesting, however, and shows that the 6th District race is far from a sure thing for either side as we head into these last eight weeks.

Trone was scheduled to have surgery today. We, of course, wish him nothing but the best and hope he has a quick and speedy recovery.

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