The Difference is Clear

Want to see the difference between Governor Larry Hogan and Ben Jealous. Take a look at how they view school accountability.

Governor Hogan started this discussion off, on the first day of school, by taking new measures to ensure accountability in public schools:

At a State House news conference, the Republican governor pointed to a series of scandals in local school systems around the state while vowing to submit legislation for the second straight year creating an “investigator general” in the Maryland State Department of Education. He also signed an executive order creating an Office of Education Accountability under the Governor’s Office for Children.

“Our children desperately need someone to fight for their civil rights,” Hogan said…

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…The governor said he would propose legislation when the General Assembly convenes in January to create the position of investigator general. The official would have the power to issue subpoenas and hold public hearings as part of an effort to weed out corruption and mismanagement in the state’s 24 local school systems.

The investigator general would not be a direct gubernatorial appointment under Hogan’s new bill. The official would be chosen by a commission whose members would be chosen by the governor, the speaker of the House and the Senate president.

A similar bill failed in this year’s legislative session.

The governor predicted his proposed legislation will pass next year — if he wins the election — under pressure from taxpayers.

Hogan recounted a series of problems that have afflicted school systems in recent years — the perjury conviction of former Baltimore County school superintendent Dallas Dance, alleged grade-tampering in Prince George’s County and mold in Howard County schools.

The governor said he was creating the accountability office now to immediately begin providing greater transparency.

As Governor Hogan noted, there is an absolute crisis of confidence in Maryland schools. Between the criminal actions of Dallas Dance in Baltimore County, grade-tampering in Prince George’s County, and sexual abuse in Prince George’s County, there are reasons for parents to be skeptical of their school systems. That Governor Hogan would take this step to create a new Accountability Office within the Office of the Governor shows the Governor’s commitment to making sure school work efficiently and ethically.

Democrats, of course, want nothing to do with that:

Meanwhile, Jealous visited a Baltimore school to call for establishing a fund to reimburse teachers who spend personal funds on school supplies. The Democrat said he would create the fund by allowing Maryland residents to donate a portion of their tax refunds to it.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, the former NAACP president dismissed Hogan’s accountability announcement.

“He would prefer to blame local leaders and bring in lawyers when first and foremost we should be focused on making sure every school gets the resources it needs to properly educate our children,” Jealous said.

What statement better shows how disconnected from reality Democrats are when it comes to public schools. Governor Hogan has funded K-12 education at record levels during every year of his term. This is a demonstrable fact by looking at each of his four state budgets. Meanwhile, the Democrats have worked hard to curb accountability in public schools through their creation of the Interagency Commission that took the power of school funding away from the elected Board of Public Works and handed it to unelected bureaucrats. These are the people that had members skirting lobbying laws in search of a buck.

From what the Democrats have done just this years, it’s very clear that the Office of Education Accountability is desperately needed.

Jealous wasn’t the only Democrat having a hissy fit over the proposal:

Yeah, we can certainly see all of the results that the fraud hotline has given us over the years.

Regardless, Governor Hogan’s proposal and Democrats reaction to it shows the difference between Hogan and Jealous in crystal clear terms. Governor Hogan wants to fix schools to make sure that every Maryland student has a chance to succeed. Ben Jealous and the Democrats want to politicize our schools and keep throwing good money after bad even when systemic problems are known.

If that isn’t an insight into the governing philosophies of these two men, what is?

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