The Cynicism of Ben Jealous

If you ever wanted to see the cynicism of Ben Jealous, it was on full display today;

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous on Thursday will announce a proposal to reduce the state’s sales tax from 6 percent to 5.75 percent, a change he says would help boost the state economy.

The tax cut would be the first rollback in the sales tax in more than a decade in Maryland, which has the highest sales tax in the region. Sales tax is 5.3 percent in Virginia and 5.75 percent in the District, where it will increase to 6 percent in October

Don’t get me wrong; I’m very supportive of a cut in the sales tax, something that we opposed when Democrats railroaded through a tax hike during the O’Malley years.

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But somebody like Ben Jealous proposing any sort of tax cut is a cynical act trying to obfuscate reality from the public. We’ve already documented how Ben Jealous wants to blow up the state budget in order to fund all of the handouts he wants to give. We already know that his medicare-for-all scheme would cost at least $24 billion a year, and as we wrote in July $24 billion is only the beginning. Once you add up the price tag of all the initiatives and big government programs that Ben Jealous wants to implement, you’ll probably see that Ben Jealous ultimately wants to double our state budget, which would require doubling our tax revenue, which would require onerous and immoral tax increases across the board that would disproportionately hurt working Marylanders.

So how does a tax cut make Jealous cynical? Because it’s a cheap political ploy designed to deflect attention from the fact that Jealous wants to raise billions in new taxes and increase the state budget by 55% a year. The tax cut ultimately would mean an average return of….$68 per person. When you compare the $68 per person sales tax cut to nearly $4,600 per person cost of Medicare-for-all (not counting free community college and other Jealous schemes) it’s not exactly a winner for taxpayers.

That says nothing about the fact that Ben Jealous has already come out in favor of a sales tax hike during this campaign and floated the idea again today during his announcement of his support for the tax cut:

Jealous is proposing this sales tax cut for the most cynical of reasons; because voters recognize that Jealous, as a radical socialist, wants to raise their taxes and spend more and more money on state government. A sales tax cut proposal is designed to distract people from his tax and spend agenda. What’s even more cynical about this is the fact that Democrats in the General Assembly, particularly the soon-to-be-elected radical socialist Jealous acolytes in heavily gerrymandered Democratic districts, will never pass a sales tax cut of any kind.

The Jealous tax cut, while a good idea, is based on politics and the 16-point deficit he has in the polls. This isn’t the proposal of a socialist true believer, but of a cynical politician who is trying desperately to cling to any sort of relevance in this election.

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