No Time for Complacency

This has been an ongoing theme for most of the summer, but there is no time for complacency right now.

Governor Larry Hogan’s re-election campaign appears to be cruising toward an election victory. The campaign has a massive 24-1 spending advantage over Ben Jealous. The Democratic Governor’s Association has abandoned Jealous, not supporting him in any meaningful way. The Governor leads by at least 15-points in every poll taken since the primary election.

But I’ve got some news for you: your help is needed more than ever.

Up and down the ballot there are conservative candidates who are in need of your assistance.

  • Do you think that President Trump is getting a raw deal from an Attorney General like Brian Frosh, who has abandoned his responsibilities in Maryland to launch political attacks against the Trump Administration? Then you’ll love Craig Wolf, who wants to focus the attention of the Maryland Attorney General’s office on helping Marylanders instead of partisan causes.
  • Are you somebody who thinks that Maryland needs a Senator who hasn’t been in public office since 1966? Tony Campbell would like to hear from you.
  • Are you tired of Governor Hogan’s vetoes being overridden by a radicalized General Assembly? Then there are a number of ways that you can help out.
    • You’ve certainly heard of the Drive for Five, haven’t you? The push to elect five new Republican State Senators to create a filibuster-proof State Senate? Well there are a lot of candidates who could use your help; Craig Giangrande in Frederick County; Delegate Christian Miele and Delegate Chris West in Baltimore County; Ron George in Anne Arundel County; Bill Dotson in Southern Maryland; Delegate Mary Beth Carozza on the Eastern Shore.
    • There are many House of Delegates challengers too that are in need of assistance all across the state, including very winnable seats in Montgomery County.
    • There are also a ton of county-level races where a few phone calls or a few doors knocked may make the difference between winning in losing. Large countywide races like County Executive candidates Al Redmer in Baltimore County, Delegate Kathy Afzali in Frederick County, and yes a potentially winnable-race in Montgomery County with Robin Ficker. And don’t forget county council level races, like Ed Amatetti who is looking to be the first Republican member of the Montgomery County Council in over a decade, or folks like Tom Gardner, Kim Burns, Phil Dacey, Danny Farrar, and a score of other great Republican candidates.

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Even Governor Hogan and his team will continue to run like they are 20-points behind, taking nothing for granted over the course of the next 39 days.

The point of this is not to alarm you about polling or potential election results, but to provide a little bit of balance to the exuberance over what we have seen regarding polling numbers and Governor Hogan’s advantage. Governor Hogan’s team will be the first to tell you that nothing is certain in a state with a 2-to-1 Democratic registration advantage and that they will continue working hard every day to win this election. And while Governor Hogan is extremely popular, we cannot assume that his coattails are going to sweep Republicans into office everywhere. Each election will turn on the merits of the individual candidates, their outreach, and how hard they and their supporters worked to get the word out about their candidates and their policies.

The takeaway should be this; don’t sit back and look at the poll numbers and think there is no place for you. There is a candidate somewhere that could use your time, talent, and treasure in an effort to help Governor Hogan’s re-election and to move the cause of conservatism forward in Maryland.

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