My Take on Judge Kavanaugh and Fordian Accusations

For whatever it’s worth…and I don’t claim consistency, only that I have read as much as I can read on this accusation by now…Here is what I think I think:

1. I am utterly confident that Ford is not intentionally lying about her claims.
2. I think that Kavanaugh was likely in a room with her and that he touched her sexually, consensually or not, likely not…
3. I think that Kavanaugh drank heavily on occasion during his teen years, per Judge’s O’Kavanaugh pseudonym tale, and Kavanaugh’s interaction with Judge was frequently irresponsible in a variety of ways.
4. I think she exaggerated her fear for her life, honestly or not…
5. I think her resentment, pushed and encouraged by her psychologist, has increased exponentially over the years, causing part of her inability to stop this memory from ruining her life.
6. I think that Judge Kavanaugh should absolutely be confirmed.

Richard E. Vatz

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