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Klausmeier, Senate Democrats Sending Misleading Mailer

Senator Kathy Klausmeier and the Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus Committee sent a misleading mailer to voters of the 8th District.

The mailer says “Our Governor, Larry Hogan. Our Senator Kathy Klausmeier” in a clear attempt to imply that Governor Hogan, who is wildly popular in the 8th District, is supporting Klausmeier and to imply that Klausmeier is supportive of Governor Hogan’s agenda.

Governor Hogan, of course, is supporting Delegate Christian Miele in his bid to oust the longtime incumbent Klausmeier.

To say the mailer is misleading is an understatement, and is one of the boldest outright lies that we’ve seen in Maryland Politics in some time. Both Klausmeier and the Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus Committee should apologize for this despicable mailer, which they have sent in a desperate attempt to save Klausmeier from the challenger by a popular upstart like Delegate Miele.

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