Ben Jealous is Toxic to Democrats

Want to know how toxic the Ben Jealous campaign is to other Democrats around the state? Now you know:

A Democratic state senator targeted by Gov. Larry Hogan is considering endorsing the Republican over Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous.

Sen. Jim Mathias, D-Eastern Shore, stopped short of an endorsement of Hogan, but made it clear he is not supporting his party’s standard bearer.

“I’ll say this as plainly as I can say it: Ben Jealous’ politics are not the Eastern Shore’s politics,” said Mathias, who is facing a stiff challenge from Republican Del. Mary Beth Carroza.

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Mathias added that Jealous’ politics don’t match well with his own personal brand.

“If I were the Democratic nominee for governor I would not be proffering the same platform,” said Mathias. Jealous is “too extreme, clearly too extreme and too costly for the Eastern Shore.”

Mathias praised Hogan as trustworthy partner on Eastern Shore concerns, including funding for the Ocean City Convention Center.

Well, at least we’ve pinned down how Mathias truly believes about Jealous which was in question after a weird photo-op in July.

Mathias is the second State Senator this week who has tried to run to the warm political embrace of the Hogan campaign. We reported on Wednesday that Sen. Kathy Klausmeier and the Senate Democratic caucus sent a mailer that tried to imply that Klausmeier was supporting and supported by Governor Hogan.

Senator Bobby Zirkin has also been highly critical of Jealous and his campaign.

With Jealous down 16-points across the state, it’s not hard to imagine that more Senate candidates will come out of the woodwork and start to distance themselves from Jealous. And why wouldn’t they? Jealous is pitching a radical ideology, major increases in government, a loss of health care, higher taxes and an economic climate that will pitch fewer jobs. Jealous is way behind in the polls, way behind in money, and what money he is getting is mostly from people who don’t live in Maryland. Plus he has a limited to non-existent knowledge of state government and its politics.

Think about how ludicrous this scenario is: Senators Jim Mathias and Kathy Klausmeier and running to embrace Governor Hogan well after the Governor embraced their opponents and is actively working to defeat them.

How bad is Ben Jealous polling in this swing Senate districts if these Senators are willing to kick the Democratic nominee to the curb? Is it any wonder that the Maryland Democratic Party is being ripped apart at the seams?

The real question is what other Democratic State Senate candidates are thinking? Will Ron Young, Arthur Ellis, Sarah Elfreth, Pam Beidle, or Robbie Leonard have the courage to stand with Ben Jealous? Or will they too run the other way in order to save themselves politically?

It’s becoming clearer every day that Ben Jealous is toxic to Democrats and is going to have a significant negative impact on Democrats up and down the ballot.

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