Who’s Funding the Ben Jealous SuperPAC?

A Ben Jealous SuperPAC raised money from only four donors during the latest reporting cycle.

The Together We Rise PAC raised $410,000 from four sources only one of which was from the state of Maryland

To date, Maryland Together We Rise has raised $1.56 million but only 16% of that money, $250,000, has been raised from Maryland. The rest of the money has come from California, New York, or Washington DC.

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Most of the expenditures of this PAC have gone to Facebook and consultants. But you have to give credit to the founder of the PAC consultant Marvin Randolph, who has already found a way to bank $55,000 from this effort.

When you get down into the weeds with the Maryland Together We Rise PAC, you realize exactly what this group is; a group of Californians and New Yorkers who are trying to buy this election for Ben Jealous. It’s no wonder then that their efforts have so far been ineffective and their candidate finds himself in a hole he can’t dig out of.

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