Jealous Still Dependent on Out of State Money

A look at the Ben Jealous campaign finance reports shows a campaign that is again relying on out-of-state money to stay afloat.

In aggregate, the Jealous campaign brought in $1,515,729.60 when you combine the Ben Jealous, Susan Turnbull, and slate accounts. Of course, that number is also deceiving as well since $690,000 of that total consisted of transfers from the Jealous and Turnbull individual accounts to the slate accounts. That brings the total to around $825,000.

Interestingly, the Jealous campaign got only one single donation from a Maryland candidate committee. The Shea-Scott for Maryland slate, the primary slate for Jim Shea and Brandon Scott, transferred $6,000 to the Jealous campaign. The Elijah Cummings campaign also transferred $6,000 from his federal account to Jealous. Not one other candidate from the state of Maryland transferred any money from their account to Jealous.

Maxed out donors to Jealous campaign include a who’s who of people who are not from Maryland. Many folks circumvented donated $12,000, circumventing campaign finance laws by giving $6,000 to each Jealous and Turnbull. These included the infamous George Soros and his son Alexander, radical leftist billionaire Tom Steyer from California  Isaac Pritzker of San Francisco, owner of JUUL, California’s Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs,

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Other donors included Jamie Gorelick, the attorney for Jared Kushner during the beginning of the Russia investigation, who gave Jealous $2,500. Failed Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley gave the campaign $500.

Here’s the amazing thing. If you take out the slate committees transfers, the Jealous-Turnbull campaign had 14,880 separate donations from individuals and businesses. Sounds impressive, right?

Well, only 2,530 of those donations came from Maryland individuals or businesses. Only 17% of donors to the Ben Jealous campaign are actually from Maryland.

Of the $825,000 that the Jealous campaign raised from individuals and businesses, only $386,212.93 came from Maryland. That means about 54% of the money Ben Jealous raised during this period was from out of state.

This shows a trend with Jealous campaign fundraising that goes back to the primary and is much like the trends we are seeing with the pro-Jealous SuperPAC that has raised only 16% of their money from Maryland interests.

The Jealous campaign can say what they will about turnout, and they can say what they will about the polls. But the fact is that people are voting with their checkbook, and they are choosing not to throw good money after bad with the Jealous campaign.

This chart will not help that endeavor, by the way.

The story remains the same for the Ben Jealous campaign. Unable to get any momentum for his campaign here at home, Jealous is relying on out-of-state money from donors who actually buy into his radical socialism to try to keep his long-shot bid for Governor alive. Since he’s spending so much time trying to get non-Maryland money into his campaign, is it any wonder Ben Jealous isn’t connecting with the voters who actually live here?

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