The Implosion of Ben Jealous

Clueless Ben Jealous Doesn’t Know the Name of Our State Courts

Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Ben Jealous put his ignorance of Maryland State Government on full display Sunday.

In a Tweet, Jealous said that “The next governor will appoint 5 out of 7 judges to our state supreme court.”

Of course, the problem is that Maryland doesn’t have a state supreme court. Our highest court is the Maryland Court of Appeals, something that anybody who knows how to use Google can figure out in thirty seconds.

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From the Court of Appeals website:

The Court of Appeals is the highest court in the State (commonly called the Supreme Court in other states and at the federal level). It hears cases almost exclusively by way of certiorari, a process which gives the court discretion to decide which cases to hear. However, the Court of Appeals is mandated by law to hear cases involving the death penalty, legislative redistricting, removal of certain officers, and certifications of questions of law.

Now we understand that Ben Jealous is new to Maryland and new to Maryland politics. He certainly is new to Maryland state government, having registered to here in 2013. And we understand as Senate President Mike Miller pointed out that “Until fairly recently, Ben Jealous was a California commodity.”

But Ben Jealous isn’t running for Governor of California. He’s running for Governor of Maryland. And Ben Jealous can’t even be bothered to know what the name of our state’s highest court is.

Mike Miller said that Ben Jealous “has a long way to go.” And it’s very clear that he’s right. If Ben Jealous can’t be bothered to know what the name of Maryland’s highest court is, what other important functions of Maryland government does he know nothing about? Is Ben Jealous so clueless about Maryland and Maryland state government that he would literally need hand-holding in order to keep the lights on?

Ben Jealous did himself no favors with his flippant tweet showing his ignorance about state government. While Maryland certainly can’t afford to take a risk on Ben Jealous and his socialist policies, Maryland also can’t afford to take a risk on Ben Jealous and his total ignorance of state government.

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