Maryland Democrats are Being Ripped Apart at the Seams

We’ve been talking for years about how the Maryland Democratic Party is a dumpster fire, heading towards a cliff due to a radical leftward drift and an inability to adjust to the political realities of the current day.

The last week has really brought a lot of these issues to the forefront, as establishment Democrats and radicalized progressives have openly gone to war.

The Baltimore Sun editorial board member Tricia Bishop, a long time Maryland Democratic apologist, kicked off the week by pointing out that the Maryland Democratic Party had absolutely no grownups:

“Hidin’ Hogan” — what is that? With an apostrophe, no less. All that does is call to mind Trumpian name calling like Lyin’ Ted, Cryin’ Chuck, Little Marco and Crooked Hillary. If this is the best the Maryland Democratic Party has to offer, they deserve a beating in November. We have a man-child as a president now, what makes them think we want to continue down the juvenile path in our state?

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In March, they called Gov. Larry Hogan “Hatchet Man Hogan” (for trying to control hiring of state employees), and earlier this month they referred to a video the governor put out about his health care record as “Hogan’s Hoaxes.” While I appreciate the fondness for alliteration, this is just off-putting for many voters — especially when polls show Democrats and Republicans alike are pretty OK with the current governor. Are there no grownups who can present their policies and point out problems with others’ without the cheap shots?

The Democrats then went on to prove her point by having a knock-down, drag out pissing contest in Prince George’s County between the establishment and the progressives that got u-g-l-y:

It wasn’t your typical Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee meeting.

The crowd alternated between loud booing and cheering. One candidate for committee chair pulled out a chain to symbolize the control she says the Democratic Party establishment wields over who holds office. After the other, establishment-backed candidate won the election, half the audience drifted out.

The contest Tuesday night between Cheryl Landis, who chaired the committee from 2014 to 2016, and Theresa Dudley, president of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, in some ways represented tensions playing out statewide as progressives and more moderate Democrats vie for power in the party.

“There is a great divide,” said Landis, who defeated Dudley 17 to 3 (three members abstained, and one was absent). “As leader of the central committee, I know we have to get ourselves in order. We have got to build a foundation so we are all on the same page.”

The best part about it is the fact that it is all on video, including a very public verbal assault launched at Senate President Mike Miller:

Not to be left out, left-wing ancient mariner Barry Rascovar chimed in to point out the obvious: that Democratic standard bearer Ben Jealous has a platform that is completely out to lunch and impossible given political and fiscal realities:

“Health care for all” is at the heart of the Bernie Sanders-Ben Jealous political movement on the far left of the political spectrum.

And yet it is a Xanadu of a plan. It comes crashing back to Earth when examined in the harsh light of day….

What would it take to pay for such an expansive, government-run health care program for every Marylander?

You could do it by upping the state sales tax 500% — from 6 cents on a $1 purchase to 30 cents. (Thus adding to the purchase of a pair of $100 shoes an extra $30 in taxes.)

Or you could raise the state’s individual income tax rates 300%. You’d pay three times your current state income levy every April 15.

Or you could go after the bete noir of far-left politicans, corporate America, and increase Maryland’s corporate income tax rate 2,200% — 22 times higher than the current charge.

Such a super-costly program would grow Maryland’s operating budget more than 50%. The Free State would become unaffordable, ungovernable and uninhabitable for most businesses and taxpayers.

Mind you, we’ve been telling people about the Ben Jealous health care plan for a year. But now even Yellow Dog Democrats are saying it.

Then today we get to the absolute best story we could possibly imagine: where influential elected Democrats say that much like most Marylanders they really aren’t all that enthusiastic about Ben Jealous:

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett is declining to endorse Jealous for now because of concerns that Jealous’s positions on taxes, school funding and’s second headquarters would penalize Leggett’s constituents in the state’s most populous jurisdiction.

Long-serving Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (Calvert), an influential moderate, offered only tepid backing for Jealous while praising Hogan for “governing from the middle.”

Other top Maryland Democrats, while voicing strong support for Jealous, disagree with him on issues such as his support for state-based, single-payer health care. They include U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger and House Speaker Michael E. Busch (Anne Arundel), all of whom say they favor the goal of universal health care but question whether Maryland can afford it.

The best part is when Mike Miller goes there and points out that Jealous isn’t really a guy who is all that familiar with Maryland:

Miller praised Jealous’s campaign organization but warned he was “not a known quantity here in the state of Maryland.”

“Until fairly recently, Ben Jealous was a California commodity,” Miller said, referring to Jealous’s time living on the West Coast. “He has a long way to go.”

All of this thrown together in a blender shows that the Maryland Democratic Party is on life support in the state. At the same time the Democrats are engaged in a civil war between the establishment wing of the party (which has controlled the party for decades) and the progressive wing of the party (which has never won a statewide election at all). And this battle is being waged *everywhere* for Democrats. Just look at the examples above; it’s being fought party leadership, where elected officials do not share the same enthusiasm for Ben Jealous that an out-of-touch left-wing radicalized base does. It’s being fought in the Central Committees, where the progressives remain unable to get their own elected to party leadership. And it’s being fought with the written word, where even longtime Democratic sympathizers are starting to express how fed-up they are with the current Democratic situation.

A lot of the reasons for the Democratic implosion are the same reasons that we have been talking about for years. Democrats were incapable of learning the lessons from the 2014 election, convincing themselves that the issue was turnout and not messaging. Democratic gerrymandering has enabled radical left-wing candidates to be elected to office, giving progressive messaging an over-represented influence in Democratic politics. And the Democrats have focused entirely too much on President Donald Trump while ignoring the reality that voters were tired of their bigger government, higher tax message.

And of course, Ben Jealous represents the confluence of these two issues; he’s the darling of the radicalized left-wing of the Democratic Party while being representative of everything voters hate about Maryland Democrats.

How the Democratic civil war will play out over the course of the next three months remains to be seen. But what we do know is the fact that every day the Democrats continue this nonsense is a good day for conservatives and taxpayers. The Democratic in-fighting is a pleasure to watch and we encourage them to continue it.

Maryland Democrats are Being Ripped Apart at the Seams, and we are here for it….

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