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Jealous Supporters Already Starting the Blame Game

Supporters of Ben Jealous are already laying the groundwork to blame the Democratic establishment when Ben Jealous loses this November’s general election.

Writing in the Washington Post, Our Maryland’s Woody Woodruff cries tears of a sadness about how “pro-business” Democrats are sinking the Jealous campaign:

A couple dozen Democrats have endorsed Gov. Larry Hogan (R) in Maryland’s upcoming gubernatorial election. The “Democrats for Hogan” are mostly older, white men.

The geography of the endorsements, map-wise and mentally, is also telling; these Democrats mostly are from the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland and Anne Arundel and Carroll counties — places where party allegiance has been and remains fluid. Anne Arundel’s Robert R. Neall has carried a D and an R after his name at different points in his political career.

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A common refrain from certain Democratic sectors, but the next paragraph is where things really get juicy:

Two factors need a closer look. First, the “Democrats for Hogan” are the tip of a rotten iceberg: The state’s Democrats, including the local central committees, are riddled with business-entangled elected types who have been slow to warm up to Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous.

And this is where Woodruff starts to play into the Democratic civil war that is tearing the Democrats apart at the seams.

These pro-business Democrats have been helping Hogan in the legislature, too. Early in Hogan’s term, for instance, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (Calvert) and House Speaker Michael E. Busch (Anne Arundel) torpedoed a progressive measure that would have created a commission to refashion the state’s economy to reduce dependence on Pentagon spending and jump aboard the post-carbon future. Instead, they peremptorily created a pro-business commission headed by the retired chief executive of Lockheed Martin to find ways to make Maryland more business-friendly. General Assembly leadership then rapidly packaged and passed the recommendations, including tax relief for businesses….

….It would not be entirely a surprise that many Maryland Democrats, existentially tight with corporations and business interests, might stay quiet on the sidelines in a tilt between Hogan and Jealous, long a progressive champion. They might be surprised how that would affect their own reelection chances in the post-Bernie Sanders environment.

Woodruff’s complaints about pro-business Democrats is juicy considering the group he volunteers for, Our Maryland, is a front for the “pro-business” establishment Democrats, the id of the Democratic Party, and a tool of the Maryland Democratic Party’s business interests.

It’s easy to see where Woodruff’s piece is heading. Jealous and his supporters are already anticipating a loss this November. And they are already looking to assign blame for the impending loss. Out-of-touch progressive radicals will naturally blame their primary adversary, the Democratic establishment, for this loss.

Don’t believe me? Two years after the Democratic Presidential Primary, Bernie Sanders supporters place his loss of the Democratic nomination at the feet of Hillary Clinton instead of the many real and legitimate reasons that Sanders did not win. Seeing as that most of the few supporters Jealous has are part of the rump Sanders faction, it appears that they are prepared to continue reading from that same book.

To read this piece, it appears that Jealous supporters are already writing the eulogy for his campaign. And a radical left-wing “Ben Jealous got stabbed in the back” mythology is in the process of being born.

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