$24 Billion is Only the Beginning

Ben Jealous’ Healthcare Hypocrisy

In politics if you’re explaining you’re losing, and Ben Jealous and the Maryland Democratic Party have been doing a lot of explaining lately.

The Baltimore Sun’s reporting on the Department of Legislative Services analysis detailing the $24 BILLION annual price tag for Ben Jealous’ single payer healthcare scheme (merely one of Jealous’ “pie in the sky” policy proposals) has them scrambling.

Marylanders are finding out just how expensive and disastrous a Ben Jealous governorship will be.

The response from Maryland Democrats has shown all the acumen and competence of Martin O’Malley’s presidential bid.

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Instead of owning their progressive tendencies for growing government and rapacious appetite for more of your tax dollars, Jealous and the Maryland Democratic Party decided to scream “but look at their donors.”

Larry Hogan and his evil “corporate backers” donating to the Republican Governor’s Association are accurately portraying how much Ben Jealous would cost Maryland taxpayers. How dare they!

A pathetic response from a campaign ill-versed in the particulars of Maryland government, ill equipped to campaign on state issues, and indicative of their national party’s giant leap leftward.

Put simply, the party of the donkey is showing their ass.

More than that, though, they are also showing their hypocrisy.

If you created a Venn Diagram of DGA and RGA donors, it turns out that Larry Hogan’s ominous “corporate backers” share the intersection.

Here’s a list of donations to the DGA from the Maryland Democratic Party’s list of healthcare robber barons totaling nearly $5 million.

And here’s a list of donations to the Maryland Democratic Party from a similar group of corporate villains.

So the question now, for our avenging angels of progressivism is, will they live up to their alleged convictions?

Will the High Sparrow of superior virtue, Ben Jealous, swear off the sick DGA cash of Big Pharma and health insurance companies?

Will the faith militant return the $77,000 in ill-gotten gains to the corporate malefactors of health?

We won’t hold our breath.

In the minds of socialist democrats like Ben Jealous the ends always justify the means so corporate donations from Big Pharma and health insurance companies are only evil if they are not funding progressive ends.

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