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Red Maryland Endorsements: Montgomery County Central Committee

Montgomery County has been one of the last frontiers for Republicans in Maryland. While Montgomery County has not elected a Republican in over a decade, Montgomery County still makes up a significant block of voters both in the Republican primary and in statewide elections. Even when Montgomery County does not elect a Republican of their own, a significant turnout for Republican candidates there is critical for statewide elections, including Governor Larry Hogan’s upcoming re-election campaign.

Having a hard-working and qualified Montgomery County Central Committee is vital to the success of conservatism in Maryland,
Montgomery County has the largest Central Committee in Maryland, with 48-members. Not all of their races are contested. However, there are several contested Central Committee races featuring candidates that are committed to serving the cause of the party, committed to conservatism, and committed to working together to help grow the party and to work toward the re-election of Governor Hogan and other statewide candidates.

To that end, the editors of Red Maryland endorse the following candidates for the Montgomery County Central Committee:


  • Gus Alzona
  • Sharon Cohen
  • Patricia Fenati
  • Michael Higgs
  • Lori Jaffe
  • Lorraine Kuchmy
  • Dwight Patel
  • Mark Uncapher

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  • Marcuz Alzona
  • Paul Foldi
  • Christopher Haas
  • Larry Lesser


  • Alexander Bush
  • Vincent DeCain
  • Jean Alexandra Tuttle
  • Dolores Reyes
  • Tom Rodriguez


  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Don Irvine
  • Alirio Martinez
  • Sheldon Sacks
  • Patrick Spaulding

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