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phil parenti

Red Maryland Endorsement: Phil Parenti for Delegate, District 27B

In 2014 Phil Parenti came just short of being elected to the Maryland House of Delegates from District 27B. He deserves another chance to be elected this year as well.

Phil Parenti has a long and involved history of conservative and Republican activism in Prince George’s County, which is not the easiest place to be a conservative Republican. He has ten years of involvement in grassroots political activities, including writing, speaking, testifying, training, recruiting, conducting meetings, organizing rallies, petition drives, and many other organizing efforts. He’s served in numerous leadership roles including Chairman of the Southern Maryland Chapter or Americans for Prosperity, Chairman of the Republican Central Committee for Prince George’s County and President of the Southern Prince George’s Republican Club.

He was also appointed by Governor Hogan to serve on the Maryland Aviation Commission

>hen you look at the issues that matter to Phil, you see a conservative’s conservative. He is a strong proponent of tax cuts and reducing the size of Maryland State Government. He’s a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and protecting our right to bear arms. His priorities if elected are the type of priorities most conservatives would want their legislator to support: lower taxes, lower spending, term limits, redistricting reform, and regulatory reform.

We need more candidates like Phil Parenti elected to the General Assembly. The editors of Red Maryland endorse Phil Parenti for the House of Delegates in District 27B.

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