John Leopold: Unrepentant

If you haven’t listened to John Leopold’s interview with John Frenaye on The Maryland Crabs podcast, you should.

Once you get past all of the talk about catheters (which is extensive) you learn a few important things. Some things that I wish that I had known before I wrote my Captial column for this week.

Upon listening to the interview with Leopold, you get presented with a sad figure. Somebody who has not yet accepted responsibility for what he has done. Somebody who has not yet taken responsibility for any of his actions.

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Sure, Leopold provides a whole litany of excuses as to the hows and the whys of why he “got screwed.” He blames his lawyer, Bruce Marcus, for getting him into his predicament. He goes on and on about his medical records which show this, that, and the other thing. He mentions that there were no guidelines at the time that governed what members of his protective detail could or could not do on behalf of the County Executive.

Instead, despite the appeals, despite the time served, he tries to escape any responsibility and blame for his actions. Leopold says that the truth did not emerge during the trial.

One of the key things that Leopold does say, and I paraphrase here (you should really go listen to the entire thing) is the idea that if Leopold did what he was accused of doing he himself would say that he was not eligible to serve the public. That’s a convenient line to use as a throwaway line to try and escape blame. But in the eyes of the prosecutor, the eyes of the judge, the eyes of the State of Maryland, he did do those things. He did do exactly what he was accused of doing. And until that conviction is overturned in a court of law, no amount of paperwork or verbal jiujitsu is going to change that.

John Leopold remains what he has always been; unrepentant about his behavior and his actions. None of that should surprise voters, particularly those of us who are intimately familiar with his 50-year political career.

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