Grigorian Defends Debate Dodge

U.S. Senate Candidate Christina Grigorian has responded to Red Maryland in the aftermath of our post yesterday regarding her negative campaigning in the race for U.S. Senate.

Grigorian writes:

Dear Red Maryland:

Thank you for the invitation to participate in your event Thursday evening. Unfortunately, I have a previously scheduled commitment and will be unable to participate. I would also like to mention, however, that while I certainly understand the scheduling and logistical challenges presented in attempting to organize a candidate debate, I do not believe a telephonic format involving eleven candidates is ideal or provides a fair opportunity for each of the candidates. Please note that I have taken every opportunity to present my substantive views to Maryland voters. I have attended many candidate forums and meet-and-greets across the state (joined by several of the other Republican Senate candidates) to discuss my position on the issues Marylanders care about (e.g., the economy, taxes, deregulation, education, transportation, Second Amendment, abortion, immigration and border security, international trade, healthcare, and others). And I note that I was one of only two Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate willing to participate in a joint Republican Women of Calvert County/Patuxent Republican Women debate that had been scheduled, but later canceled by the hosts due to lack of broader participation.

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There are many other resources available for Red Maryland followers and other Maryland voters to learn about me and where I stand on the issues. They can review my website and Facebook page ( and, my Red Maryland survey, the Baltimore Sun Voter Guide, and other surveys, questionnaires and voter guides available online.


Christina J. Grigorian

Candidate, U.S. Senate

It is unclear when these commitments surfaced: Red Maryland first contacted the campaigns regarding this debate a month ago and heard nothing from the campaign until today. Similarly, Red Maryland sent the campaign survey emails over three months ago and did not receive Grigorian’s survey responses until late last night.

The candidates who are willing to debate will be participating in Red Maryland’s US Senate Debate Thursday night at 8 PM, to be broadcast on the Red Maryland Network and Facebook Live.

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