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Congratulations to our Red Maryland Endorsees

Congratulations to the Red Maryland endorsed candidates that won their primary elections last night!

State Senate

  • Craig Giangrande, District 3
  • Jack Bailey, District 20

House of Delegates

  • Brian Chisholm, District 31B

County Races

  • Al Redmer, Baltimore County Executive
  • Jim Fredericks, Anne Arundel County Sheriff
  • Nathan Volke, Anne Arundel County Council District 3
  • Jessica Haire, Anne Arundel County Council District 7
  • David Starr, Anne Arundel Board of Education District 1
  • Terry Gilleland, Anne Arundel Board of Education District 5
  • Michelle Corkadel, Anne Arundel Board of Education District 7

Frederick County Central Committee

  • Kathy Afzali
  • Barrie Ciliberti
  • Dan Cox
  • Karen Dacey
  • Michael Hill
  • Joeylynn Hough
  • Jesse Pippy
  • Daniel Keller
  • Mary Rolle

Montgomery County Central Committee

  • Sharon Cohen, At-Large
  • Patricia Fenati, At-Large
  • Michael Higgs, At-Large
  • Lori Jaffe, At-Large
  • Lorraine Kuchmy, At-Large
  • Dwight Patel, At-Large
  • Marcus Alzona, District 16
  • Paul Foldi, District 16
  • Larry Lesser, District 16
  • Alexander Bush, District 18
  • Vincent DeCain, District 18
  • Jean Alexandra Tuttle, District 18
  • Dolores Reyes, District 18
  • Jeffrey Brown, District 19
  • Don Irvine, District 19
  • Sheldon Sacks, District 19
  • Patrick Spaulding, District 19


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