Candidate Survey: Kathy Rogers for Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney

Kathy Rogers


Office Sought and District
State’s Attorney for Anne Arundel County

University of Maryland, B.A. Criminal Justice. University of Baltimore School of Law, J.D.

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Deputy State’s Attorney/ Assistant State’s Attorney for 28 years

Political Experience


Social Media Accounts
Facebook: Kathy Rogers for Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney
Twitter: @KathyRogers2018

Why are you running for office?
First and foremost, I am running for State’s Attorney because of my dedication to Anne Arundel County. I grew up here in the county in a family where public service was emphasized by my parents actions, not their words. My Dad was one of the first citizens of the year in Crofton and also a deacon in our Church. My Mom was an active volunteer at the local convalescent center, the church and many other places. My interest in the law began while attending the University of Maryland. By the time I started law school I knew I wanted to combine my love for the law with my interest in public service.

My first job as an attorney was as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Anne Arundel County. I went on to serve the citizens of this county for the next 28 years. I supervised the child abuse unit and the sexual offense unit. When I left the office in 2015 I was the Deputy State’s Attorney supervising over 100 people in 3 different physical locations. I am proud to say I was responsible for taking some of the most dangerous murderers, rapists and child abusers off our streets and making Anne Arundel County safer for all of our families. My dedication to this community is unmatched by any candidate.

I am also running for State’s Attorney because I, like many became alarmed at the unethical behavior and mismanagement in an office that should be held to the highest ethical standards. Under the current administration almost 80% of all charges in the district court are not being prosecuted, they are simply being dropped. This is a disservice to the citizens of this county. I am running in order to fight for victims of crime, and be ethical and responsive to the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
My political role model is Governor Larry Hogan. Like me, he was not a politician prior to his run for governor. He believed that he could make a difference and make our state a better place, I know I can do the same for Anne Arundel County. Governor Hogan gave up time with his family and his business to help fight for the citizens of Maryland, my goals are the same. I want to make Anne Arundel County the safest place it can be by bringing integrity and effectiveness to the State’s Attorneys Office.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
No answer

What will be your top priority in elected to this position?
My top priority is to bring integrity and effectiveness to the office. I will remove politics from the office. Political consultants and lobbyists will have no place in my administration. I will refocus the office on prosecuting criminals and making our streets safer.

What is the biggest issue facing your county?
The biggest issue facing the county is the opiod epidemic. Education and treatment are important components of this battle, but educators and treatment professional can more effectively fill these rolls. Only prosecutors can prosecute. I will reallocate resources to stopping the individuals who are dealing death to our citizens. We will focus our efforts on the prosecution of drug dealers.

What is your position on taxes and spending?
I am a fiscal conservative. I will not provide raises that are not included in the budget as my opponent did in 2015. I will not spend $1,700 of the taxpayers money at a wine bar in Annapolis or over $2,000 of the taxpayers money at Mission Barbeque as my opponent did. I will not go almost 1 million dollars over budget as my opponent did. I will work diligently and responsibly to manage the State’s Attorney’s budget.

What is your position on a county tax cap?
The State’s Attorney has no jurisdiction over this issue.

What is your position on land use issues?
The State’s Attorney has no jurisdiction over this issue.

What is your position on public safety?
I spent almost three decades fighting for the safety of the citizens of this county. I have incredible working relationships with all of the public safety officers as a result of my many years of collaboration with them in this county. The refocusing of the States Attorney’s Office on ethical strong prosecution will result in safer communities for all of us.

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