Candidate Survey: Hubert Owens, Jr. for Congress, District 2

Hubert Owens, JR


Office Sought and District
Congressional district 2

B.S. Criminal Justice from Methodist University/ Master in Theological studies from Liberty University

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retire military ( medical)

Political Experience
Volunteer for McCain for President, Ted Cruz for Preisdent policy and coalition building.


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Why are you running for office?
i serve on the front lines of Iraq as a infantry man because my country needed my help to fight against terror. i have a special sense of duty and ability to reach across party lines and get things done. I took an oath to serve foreign and domestic, now it my turn to serve the people who have been politically abuse in the great state of Maryland.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
If liberty was God’s gift to America in the 18th century, Abraham Lincoln was the gift He gave to America in the 19th Century. Lincoln, better than any other President, was an excellent judge of his constituents. Consider this, in 1861, Maryland was on the cusp of secession; they tore up rails and cut telegraph lines, endangering Washington, but in 1864, Maryland ratified a new state constitution, outlawing slavery. Had Lincoln tried to end slavery in 1861, Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky, and Delaware would all have seceded; but by the end of 1862, the country was ready for the Emancipation Proclamation, black soldiers, and a change in the nature of the war. By the end of the war, Maryland was the fourth state to ratify the 13th Amendment ending slavery. The timing was perfect.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
The Prince by Machiavelli ,Machiavelli wrote The Prince to serve as a handbook for rulers, and he claims explicitly throughout the work that he is not interested in talking about ideal republics or imaginary utopias, as many of his predecessors had done.This is a prime example of what we call Machiavelli’s political realism—his intention to speak only of the “effectual truth” of politics, so that his treatise could be of pragmatic use in the practice of governing.

What will be your top priority in Congress?
Grow the economy and create jobs, Reform the Veterans Hospital, support the 2nd amendment, advocate for sentencing, justice, and prison reform

What is the biggest issue facing your district?
Taxes, tranportation, immigration

What are the three biggest issues facing our country?
Immigration, School safety, Criminal Justice Reform, a stronger national defense

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
I am 100% against abortion, and assisted suicide we are not God and should not play God.

What is your position on taxes, spending and the federal deficit?
Taxes rates for families, individuals, businesses, and investors are simply too high. Wages are lower, there are fewer jobs, and U.S. businesses are less competitive because of the tax codes.Fundamental tax reform would alleviate the harm caused by the tax system and significantly strengthen the economy. This stronger economic growth would substantially improve the income of all Americans, enhance economic opportunities for everyone, and make more American business more competitive. Federal deficits are projected to continue to decline through 2018, primarily because the economy is slowly improving, which brings in additional revenue and lowers spending on counter cyclical programs.

What is your position on gun rights?
I support the 2nd amendment 100%

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?
legalization of marijuana would be economically great for Maryland. i support medical use more than recreational use.

What is your position on trade?
The freedom to trade is the foundation of America’s modern economic system that provides historically unprecedented opportunities for individuals to achieve greater economic freedom and prosperity. Americas needs free trade because trade creates new, higher-paying jobs for Americans as well as for America’s trading partners. Most people understand the benefits of exports, but imports from America’s trading partners also benefit Americans. They give consumers greater purchasing power, as trade allows them to buy a wider variety of goods at lower prices.

What is your position on foreign policy and military issues?
The U.S. maintains a military to protect the homeland from attacks and to protect its interest abroad.Consequently, the U.S. military must be able to win in combat against more than one enemy at a time regardless of how the enemy is equipped. North Korea has engaged in a series of provocative missile test, including intercontinental ballistic missiles soon after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Iran has methodically move closer to becoming a nuclear power, successfully maneuvering to stabilize its program via the nuclear agreement negotiated with the Obama administration. so far i do believe that President Trump is done a great job in disarming our enemies from nuclear weapons.

Would you support the passage of the Human Life Amendment?
No Answer

Would you support the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment?

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