Scott Bryan

Red Maryland Endorsement: Scott Bryan for Washington County Commissioner

Voters in Washington County will have the opportunity to vote for five candidates for Washington County Commissioner. With Commissioners John Barr and LeRoy Myers retiring, votes will have the opportunity to send two new Commissioners to the office. One candidate stands above the rest and deserves the support of Washington County voters.

Scott Bryan is a native of Washington County who left and returned to his home after serving in the military. Bryan had the opportunity to learn and to craft his leadership skills while an officer in the U.S. Army. He parlayed that experience into serving as a manager in private industry. These skills will prove invaluable as he moves into public sector service where he will need to shepherd legislation through the commission process.

Bryan is a fiscal conservative who understands that the government that governs best governs least. He also has expressed his support for a county tax cap for Washington County.  He also recognizes the true needs of Washington County; good paying jobs, public safety, and improving education. Scott Bryan’s leadership background and business experience will serve him and the citizens of Washington County well.

When you listen to Scott Bryan’s interview on Red Maryland Election Focus,s, you hear a candidate who is focused and is ready to lead from day one. He gets it and is ready to put his leadership experience to work to advance conservative ideals on the County Commission.

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Washington County voters should use this opportunity to select a transformative conservative who can get things done. That’s why Red Maryland endorses Scott Bryan for Washington County Commissioner.

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