Red Maryland Endorsement: Jim Fredericks for Anne Arundel County Sheriff

Anne Arundel County is having it’s most competitive primary for Sheriff in decades. For the first time, GOP voters have a real choice.

Four candidates are running: incumbent Sheriff Ron Bateman, Jim Fredericks, Damon Ostis and Beth Smith. All of them have dedicated careers of public service, and we should thank them for their service and for wearing a badge.

While we are fortunate to have several good candidates, only one candidate is best prepared to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future. For that reason, the Editors of Red Maryland endorse Jim Fredericks for Anne Arundel County Sheriff.

Jim Fredericks is still serving as an Anne Arundel County Police Officer. Currently, a Lieutenant and a Patrol Commander at the Northern Precinct, Fredericks has had a great deal of experience in all aspects of the Department, including as Commander of Organized and Economic Crimes, Purchasing, Media Relations, and Hiring and Retention. He also served a Anne Arundel County’s Director of Emergency Management. Fredericks has a ton of relevant and real-world experience that he can bring to the Sheriff’s office. Additionally, Fredericks has laid out the best plan for modernizing the Sheriff’s office. As Fredericks says, “In today’s domestic threat environment, it is crucial to integrate modern processes and procedures to safeguard critical facilities. I will implement the latest threat analysis models to ensure innovative protection of our Circuit Court complex…..you deserve a modern, innovative approach to carrying out the critical duties of the Sheriff’s Office, including the protection of victims and victim’s rights. Deputy Sheriffs deserve exemplary leadership capable of providing new resources and opportunities.”

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There is much to be said of the other candidates.

Damon Ostis has a unique background in federal law enforcement and in security consulting. An earlier entry into the race would have benefitted him as he has little name ID. Still, he makes for an interesting story and we hope he stays involved in the future.

Beth Smith is a unique candidate, and not just because she is the first woman to seriously challenge for the Sheriff’s office. Smith is a former Military Police officer and Sheriff’s Deputy who served with distinction, the first woman to be promoted in the department. During her time she innovated a number of new programs, including the K-9 program, Seniors Programs, and the Victim Witness Protection Program. She served for 13 years before a broken back forced her early retirement. Smith, however, gave an interesting non-answer when asked if she would pledge to support the Republican nominee for Sheriff, saying only that she would support the Deputies.

Sheriff Ron Bateman is an interesting case for an incumbent. Bateman was elected as a Democrat three-times, switching parties back in 2015. During the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Candidate Forum, Bateman portrayed himself as somebody who didn’t follow politics early in his career and, basically, woke up one day and realized he was a Republican. Skeptics would note that Bateman did this when it became clear that Anne Arundel County was firmly a Republican County but even now Bateman boasts about his endorsement from left-leaning unions like the AFL-CIO. While Bateman has been in the news for some positive things, such as some of his unique warrant apprehension schemes, he’s also just as often been in the news for negative things such as alleged domestic abuse (charges were dropped, though Bateman’s statement at the candidates debate about this rubbed a lot of people the wrong way), audits showing deficiencies in his department, and for his attempts to have taxpayers pay for his wife’s meals while on official business. Bateman’s record does not make a good case as to why he should remain in office.

There is no doubt in our mind that Jim Fredericks is the best choice for Anne Arundel County citizens and Anne Arundel County conservatives. Learn more about Jim at http://www.jimfredericksforsheriff.com/

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