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Red Maryland Endorsement: Ed Hale, Jr. for Baltimore County Council, District 3

Baltimore County is a bellwether county in many ways for many Republicans. Often the success of the party, both in statewide races and in the General Assembly, are dependent on having strong and credible conservative candidates.

The race for County Council in Baltimore County’s District 3 provides an interesting, three-way contest between incumbent Wade Kach, Ed Hale Jr, and Doug Zinn.

Ed Hale, Jr brings the kind of leadership that Baltimore County needs from their councilman. Hale’s recognizes that the biggest issue facing Baltimore County is spending, especially in the wake of years of reckless spending and corruption. He gets that spending too much creates fiscal problems throughout the county, and ultimately hurts families and businesses. Hale also understands that overtaxation leads to problems with economic growth that creates fiscal pain for the entire county. Hale’s responses to our candidate survey shows that Hale truly understands the role of county government and that fiscal conservatism will fix the problems that ail Baltimore County.

Hale’s opponents are found wanting:
  • Doug Zinn’s campaign is based around the idea of being more of an ombudsman than a councilman. While his customer service focus is noble, he certainly does not appear to be somebody who will champion the fiscal reforms that Baltimore County truly needs.
  • The incumbent, Wade Kach, is a career politician who has been in elected office since 1975. After spending forty years in the House of Delegates, Kach was first elected to the Baltimore County Council in 2014. Kach is best known by most voters as having sold out conservatives on two of the biggest occasions in recent memory. In 2007, Kach sold out his principles to vote for Martin O’Maley’s slots bill. In 2012, Kach flipped his vote at the last possible second to vote to legalize gay marriage in Maryland. These are just two of the many examples during his House career where Kach sold out his conservative principles to side with the Democrats. At a time of such fiscal uncertainty in Baltimore County, the voters deserve better than to have somebody with flexible principles like Wade Kach.
Baltimore County Republicans can do better in District 3, and they have an opportunity to do so. That’s why Red Maryland endorses Ed Hale, Jr. for Baltimore County Council.

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