Kevin the Clueless

Once again, Kevin Kamenetz showed that he doesn’t know how state government works in his comments about the State Board of Education’s rejection of Verletta White;

Democratic Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, a supporter of White, claimed that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan directed the state superintendent to veto White’s appointment. Aides to Hogan rejected the claim…..

…Kamenetz, who hopes to challenge Hogan in November’s election, cast the decision as a political ploy orchestrated by the Republican governor.

“Larry Hogan has a troubling pattern of playing politics at the expense of children’s education,” Kamenetz said in a statement. “He’s created turmoil over the school calendar and the school construction process. Now he directs his schools chief to take the unprecedented step to overturn the judgment of the local school board who knows Superintendent White best. He’s shameless!”

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If Kamenetz’s comments here sound like a desperate cry for attention for a candidate that is sinking fast in the polls, that’s because they are. Kamenetz’s comments are absolutely clueless in two ways.

First, Kamenetz is showing here that he has absolutely no idea how state government works. State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon was not appointed by Governor Larry Hogan; she was appointed by the State Board of Education pursuant to state law. Salmon does not serve at the pleasure of the Governor and in fact, takes no orders from the Governor at all.  For a candidate whose campaign is allegedly predicated on his experience and his competence, it’s clearly apparent that Kevin Kamenetz has absolutely no clue as to how our state is run. It’s hard for voters to trust a candidate for Governor who has demonstrated the level of ignorance that Kamenetz demonstrates here.

Secondly, Kamenetz’s winging about Salmon’s rejection of White shows he’s politically tone deaf. White is being denied the appointment by Salmon due to ethics violations by White. Why Kamenetz would be heaping praise on White at this juncture is mind-boggling. It’s even more mind-boggling when you consider that Kevin Kamenetz openly fostered the corruption of White’s predecessor, Kamenetz’s good buddy Dallas Dance.  With Dance being sentenced to prison recently, Kamenetz’s decision to open that can of worms over the White appointment shows a total lack of political savvy.

You can say a lot of things about Kevin Kamenetz. But a competence for governing or having any situational awareness are not among them.

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