More Hijinks from Roussan Etienne

In a follow-up to Monday’s story, State Senate Candidate Roussan Etienne responds to recent issues surrounding his campaign.

TRUTH in Common Sense Answers:

1. Freedom of Speach. (Also for speaking up and speaking out for Justice(just like Hogan Dad did)major Issue was I was PG Angry Central Committee disrespect the Voters my endorsing my opponent Jesse PEED day one at board of Elections before the PRIMARY elections) they Now trying to cover it up making me look like the Angry BLACK MAN.

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I can be a professional if I CHOSE!!! NOW ITS WAR! Not going to work because my citizens NO my works as Black grassroots republican that started the movement. Not James Wess & Brandon Cooper they giving them FAKE awards too cover up breach as a committee, don’t worry my lawyer is in place. It’s ALL FAKE NEWS. You think they learn something from TRUMPS WIN.
THAT GOD will never be Mocked.
And most of ALL GOD is in control!!!

2. Being a NEGUS that stands up for his 3E’s values for CHANGE in a black COUNTY that’s been Willlie Lynched over 300 years,County where BLACKS are last in everything for so long NOW because of Thomas Mike Miller Jr RULE!!! it time for CHANGE and LEADER with some back bone and NO longer binding over without able to ASK ANY QUEATIONS. TIME FOR A GOD FEARING SERVANT LEADERSHIP & EQUITY for ALL.

3. I do business with people that do business with me. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I’m not for sale on the Miller plantation. At convention, I ask the Patrick, and Dirk the President of MDGOP after Dirk would not shake a black mans hands (me)! Why don’t we impeach Miller? everyone SCARED of evil Miller said it can’t happen… ( I was told by Patrick you have to Vote Miller out of office!!! Ok so I’m taking on the Challage and that just what I’m focused to do. NOW party thinks it’s going to take my right for speaking UP and OUT… Yet we elect a PRESIDENT that speaks his mind the PRESIDENT!!! I’m a BLACK Republican I don’t care, don’t fear or don’t worry what man can do to me! I’m GOD’S MAN AND IN GOD WE TRUST.

Grace, Justice & Love.

Needless to say it’s another bizarre outburst from a candidate who has had his share of bizarre outbursts.

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