Candidate Survey: Liz Matory for Congress, District 2

Liz Matory


Office Sought and District
US Representative CD2

BA, Columbia University; JD Howard University; MBA Robert H Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

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Small Business Owner/Consultant

Political Experience
Active Member of Maryland Republican Women clubs; member of GOP Central Committee (Montgomery Co); Former Democrat field organizer in 2014, Democrat turned Independent now vocal conservative, Pro-Life, civil liberties activist know that I know what’s at stake.


Social Media Accounts
FB: Liz Matory for Congress IG: LizforCongress TW: LizForCongress

Why are you running for office?
I’m running for congress again because we need more citizen focused, conservative fighters to defend our liberties and watch for government overreach. Many of us have given up on our system, and even I felt like there wasn’t much I could do anymore. But I believe in this constitutional republic, and if we do not have strong, bold representative that represent the “rest of us”, we will lose it just like Benjamin Franklin warned us about.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
I have had the honor of knowing a lot of public servants throughout my life, but the two that admire the most are Ellen Sauerbrey and Kurt Schmoke. They have both served as honest advisers who have guided me through the several changes and challenges that I have faced as a political activist in Maryland. They love this state and they both care deeply about the future of our nation. Both the former gubernatorial nominee and former mayor of Baltimore took unpopular stances to do what they thought was right for their community. I also appreciate that they continue to serve even though they do not hold an elected position anymore. If anything, I just want to build on the amazing foundation that they began.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
Born Again Republican by Liz Matory and Chante Hopkins After the 2016 race, we both knew that we had to memorialize what happened. I never thought for one minute that I would a) leave the Dem Party, b) become an independent, and for sure c) never thought about becoming a republican. Our book explains how someone like me (DC Native/reluctant member of The Establishment) returned back the Republican Party. As some of you know alread, I have become evangelical know about sharing what I learned. There is no way our constitutional republic will survive unless more of us learn more about the truth. This is one way how we have been able to spread the word. And, yes it’s available on There are still many “haters” out there who question my validity or my sincerity, but this book explains my why and the moment that people learn the truth, they understand. That is my only wish – to return power back to our citizenry.

What will be your top priority in Congress?
My top priority is to represent the citizens of CD2 and not special interest. We all know that between partisan gerrymandering and excessive money in our campaigns, our congressmen (and women) do not represent us because they are beholden to the moneyed interest. They lament that the moment they begin in congress, they spend all their time fundraising to remain. I want to challenge that reality and show that congresswomen can represent her constituents. If we as citizens do not take on the challenge, then how can we complain.

What is the biggest issue facing your district?
Similar to this top priority, citizens in CD2 consistently state that Dutch is a nice guy, but “Dutch has changed”. Sure he’s from Baltimore and he states that he is “common sense”, but he consistently votes with establishment democrats 99% of the time. This district was purposefully gerrymandered in 2001/2002 to remove Republican representation from our federal delegation. The “new” CD2 is still right leaning, and I seek to represent the shared values of the district. I believe in faith, freedom, and our free enterprise system. He has been able to fight for his donors’ interest, and has left the citizens as an afterthought. We need to bring a stronger, bolder challenge to fight for the rest of us. CD2 shouldn’t have to settle for this status quo because they have been effectively silenced.

What are the three biggest issues facing our country?
Sadly, our sovereignty is being challenged from both internal and external forces. Whether it’s abuse of power, mass confusion of the electorate, or forced mass migration of illegal aliens, our power as American citizens is being challenged every day. We need more representatives who will respect our liberty as Americans. If we do not address this immediately, our nation will be lost. I know it sounds dire, but everyday we see how much our system is slipping away from us. And now that we have illegal aliens shutting down our government, it is high time for us American Citizens to stand up for our country.

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
I used to be pro-choice, but the more that I learned about life and the abortion lobby, I have become very vocal about this weapon against humanity. Even people in my own party have wanted me to “moderate” my message to get elected, but I cannot unsee what I have seen. If democrats can advocate apologetically for late term abortions, then we as conservatives can speak to the biological, spiritual, real nature of abortion, the lobby, and the misinformation. I have never supported assisted suicide, and I wouldn’t. Life takes it’s course, and we cannot allow hospital bureaucrats, politicians, and self interested relatives make the decision to end someone else’s life.

What is your position on taxes, spending and the federal deficit?
Taxation is theft. And we have become too dependent on tax dollars to function as a government. We have way too much spending and we need to have very sober conversations on how we can limit spending. It has become exponential and congress is just passing the buck. The road is about to run out and we need representatives who will make tough decisions for the benefit of now and our future. When more citizens remember our power and individual liberty, and we allow for our economy to grow, more of us will thrive and get off government dependence.

What is your position on gun rights?
No more restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights to protect ourselves. Our founders crafted this civil liberty specifically for us to defend ourselves, families, and communities from a overzealous government. If now is not a prime example of why we have a 2nd amendment in the first place, then I don’t know when Americans will learn. But that’s the issue, most Americans know that we have this right, and so, more of us are willing to defend our liberties.

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?
I am not 100% certain. I suppose medical cannabis and removing barriers of entry for entrepreneurs to create natural pain management solutions. But I do not like the affect that pot has on young people who are already wayward. If people were more responsible, I would support legalization. With liberty comes responsibility, and perhaps when more people live more responsibly, we as a society can remove the restrictions in place. Marijuana should not be a Schedule I substance.

What is your position on trade?
Because our economic ladder has been demolished over the last 3 decades, I believe that we need to take temporary, proactive measures to build up our own economy. Multi-national entities have become less concerned with the economic impact on local communities and families. I believe that we need a balanced approach that will allow for entrepreneurship and a diversification of our economy to ensure economic growth and resilience.

What is your position on foreign policy and military issues?
We need to strengthen our military and respect service members, veterans, and their families. A weak military is perhaps the worst insult to our fallen. I come from a military family, and the last thing I want is more war, but if and when we activate our military, we must have valid intelligence, superior capabilities, and an exit strategy. These “endless” entanglements do not serve anyone except for war profiteers. American lives must be respected more than they have in recent history.

Would you support the passage of the Human Life Amendment?

Would you support the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment?

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