Candidate Survey: Justin Kinsey for Delegate, District 42B

Justin Kinsey


Office Sought and District
State Delegate, District 42B

High School

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General Manager for a medical transportation company; Emergency Services Instructor for UMD; Volunteer Firefighter/EMT

Political Experience
Have not previously held elected office; Legislative Subcommittee Chairman, Maryland Commercial Ambulance Service Advisory Council; Member, Fire-EMS Caucus of the Maryland Legislature


Social Media Accounts
facebook.com/mjustinkinsey ; Twitter @mjustinkinsey

Why are you running for office?
I am a young, industrious fighter with an eclectic background and excellent communication skills; the type of person that is needed to represent our district. Our elected officials fail to truly understand issues that affect the business community, working families, and our public education system. Republicans have been playing defense for too long because of our inability to effectively communicate our platform and fight for our conservative principals in a way that transcends the rhetoric. I want to change that.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
While there are aspects of many that I appreciate and admire, I have never been the type of person to idolize a politician.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
“Liberty Defined” by Ron Paul. The book presents its ideas—conservative at their foundation—in a very clear and concise manner by stripping away rhetoric and sticking to the basics.

What will be your top priority in the General Assembly?
I have a few (as I don’t intend to focus on just one issue): Reforming regulations that prevent or hinder the growth of businesses and industries; supporting teachers, decreasing the emphasis on state testing, and returning power and control of education back to local jurisdictions; supporting resources to treat people suffering from mental health issues; expanding “shall issue” gun rights; requiring audits of all spending associated with state tax dollars; obstructing the expansion of Section 8 housing; obstructing tax or fee increases, while pushing for reductions in spending; supporting our law enforcement community.

What is the biggest issue facing your district?
The top concern of a majority of the people that I’ve spoken to is education. Many people move to my district because of our excellent public schools. However, many of those same people fear that the quality of that education is decreasing, and that we will continue to lose good teachers due to a loss of control over their classrooms.

What are the three biggest issues facing Maryland?
Education, spending/taxes, and regulatory reform

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)

What is your position on taxes and spending?
Maryland does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We MUST get spending under control. Once we reduce government spending, we need to decrease taxes and fees incurred by our citizens.

What is your position on gun rights?
Pro 2A, “shall issue.”

What is your position on education?
I believe that the decline in public education is a major cause of many problems that we have to deal with today. Some low-performing school districts flaunt their “graduation rates,” but the diplomas that many of those students receive aren’t worth the paper on which they are printed. We need to get back-to-basics with our curricula, and we must enable our teachers to take back their classrooms and reinstate discipline that is sorely needed.

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?
I am in favor of taxing and legalizing marijuana. If you look at Colorado, there are early statistics that are demonstrating a decrease in opioid addiction since marijuana became legal.

What is your position on the current three-tiered system for the sale and distribution of alcohol?
It is a relic of the Prohibition Era and no longer meets the realities of our current marketplaces. Systems that impede the growth of industries, without providing any obvious and logical public benefit, should be eliminated.

Legislators can receive $101 per day for lodging and $47 per day for meals during the 90-day General Assembly session. If elected, do you plan to accept these benefits? Why or why not?
While I can see a need for the occasional lodging reimbursement, I simply don’t understand the need for a meals reimbursement. I can pay for my own lunch, thank you.

There is a culture of depravity and sexual harassment prevalent in the Maryland General Assembly. As a legislator, how will you work to end this culture of depravity and to ensure that those who commit these acts are removed from the General Assembly?
Without knowing the full workings of the current ethics mechanisms, I can say that I’d support the expulsion of legislators that fail to meet the expectation of respectful and professional behavior.

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