Candidate Survey: Fred Price, Jr. for State Senate, District 47

Fred Price Jr

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Office Sought and District
State Senator

Prince Georges community college, Bowie college.

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Retired federal government

Political Experience
Legislative aid to Senator Tommy Broadwater

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Social Media Accounts
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Why are you running for office?
I am tired of the disrespect the Democratic Party has shown to the voters of Maryland ,especially Prince Georges County.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
Senator Tommy Broadwater President Harry Truman

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
Listen to your mother ,stand up straight
How progressive can win. Author Robert Creamer. I believe I should know my adversary. Copyright 2007. They had a plan Obama was their man.

What will be your top priority in the General Assembly?
Building a bipartisan coalition to end Deep poverty in Maryland. See 2015 study From Maryland legislative service.

What is the biggest issue facing your district?
Poverty, based on census data , district 47 is worse off in many cases that district 41 in Baltimore area of riots.

What are the three biggest issues facing Maryland?
Mike Miller, resolution of HBCU lawsuit, partisan nature of the General assembly

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
Pro-life, no firm position on end-of-life assistance.

What is your position on taxes and spending?
Support less taxes and regulation. spending by counties and municipalities on their needs less emphasis on state

What is your position on gun rights?
I am a marine I support the Second Amendment. Need to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

What is your position on education?
On state level resolve the lawsuit by HBCU’S, in Prince Georges County return to
Elected schoolboard.

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?

What is your position on the current three-tiered system for the sale and distribution of alcohol?
Not up to date with the problem.

Legislators can receive $101 per day for lodging and $47 per day for meals during the 90-day General Assembly session. If elected, do you plan to accept these benefits? Why or why not?
Yes. If there’s a need for me to be in Annapolis. Otherwise I will return home in the evening and have dinner with my family.

There is a culture of depravity and sexual harassment prevalent in the Maryland General Assembly. As a legislator, how will you work to end this culture of depravity and to ensure that those who commit these acts are removed from the General Assembly?
I will look at both sides of the issue and take the appropriate action.

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