Another Financial Apocalypse for the Democrats

Most campaign finance totals are in. To say the least the numbers are….bleak for Democrats.

Raised Spent COH
Baker $358,127.00 $614,779.24 $389,325.33
Ervin $115,482.64 $877.50 $164,507.94
Jaffee $0
Jealous $665,392.73 $767,993.21 $296,044.45
Jones $0
Madaleno $37,804.50 $60,730.47 $18,251.90
Ross $291,842.26 $614,322.63 $122,442.33
Shea $460,743.74 $651,396.45 $1,157,755.90
Vignarajah No Report No Report No Report

If you why that number is a disaster, take a look at this.

Governor Larry Hogan has $8,201,427.08 cash-on-hand right now. The Democratic candidates combined have only $2,148,327.85. That’s not even taking into account the fact that the Democrats still have a primary election they need to survive over the next five weeks.

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The Democratic candidates in this reporting period spent a combined total of $2,710,099.50 but raised only $1,929,392.87. Meanwhile Governor Hogan, who had only about five weeks to fundraise due to prohibitions on gubernatorial fundraising during the General Assembly session, raked in $1,043,251.91

As far as the rest of the reports though, they look very similar to our previous reporting on the matter in January, particularly as it relates to all of the money that Alec Ross and Ben Jealous continue to raise out of state.

For example, Alec Ross took $6,000 from broadcasting billionaire Barry Diller, as well as accepting several other max contributions from California interests. Ross also accepted money using the LLC loophole, accepting $6,000 from “Inception Holding LLC” as well as from a Brendan Iribe who shares the same address. Irbe owns Oculus and is the namesake of this building on the campus of the University of Maryland.

Jealous also accepting a large number of his donations from out of state, including quite a few max donations of $6,000, none of whom were people from the state of Maryland.

It’s very clear that the momentum, the enthusiasm, and the cash remain with Governor Hogan.

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