Waugh Email Erroneously claims Senate Caucus Endorsement

Questions have arisen about an endorsement claimed by Senator Steve Waugh in his upcoming primary election bid.

In an email sent through the St. Mary’s Republican Club, Waugh claims that he received the endorsement of the Senate GOP Caucus in his re-election campaign:

St. Mary’s County, MD….. Senate Minority Leader J.B. Jennings (R, Baltimore and Harford Counties), announced the GOP Caucus endorsement of Senator Steve Waugh: “He’s a vital part of it…As minority leader, I work with Waugh, and that’s who I’ll be working for in the election.”

Waugh is running for re-election against in the Republican primary against challenger Jack Bailey, who has been endorsed by Governor Larry Hogan.

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However, there was no GOP Senate Caucus endorsement of Waugh in the primary. Via email, Senator Jennings said: “There was never a caucus vote. It was an error in the press release. It should have never mentioned the senate caucus. It was just the caucus leader that was endorsing.”

Red Maryland reached out to Senator Waugh, who said a corrected email was sent the next day. Red Maryland has not received a copy of the corrected email.

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