There’s No Blue Wave Coming

Maryland Democrats like to keep talking about the electoral Blue Wave that is coming this fall. They keep talking about how this Blue Wave is going to sweep Democrats into office.

Their actions tell a whole other story.

First up we have one of the biggest players in the Maryland Democratic Party, the SEIU, publicly saying that they are done with Senate President Mike Miller:

Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. has served as President of the Maryland State Senate since 1987. His page on the General Assembly website boasts that he is the “Longest Serving Maryland Senate President and Longest Serving President of the Senate in the United States.” His name is on the Senate Office Building. Senate committee chairpersons serve at his pleasure. Because no bill reaches the Senate floor without his approval, Miller obstructs legislation that would benefit the the hardest working and suffering Marylanders.

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Join SEIU Local 500 for the announcement of plans to bring about the end of Mike Miller’s tenure as President of the Senate.

The SEIU doubled-down on this when their Political Director said some, shall we say, non-complimentary things about Miller, as reported by The Seventh State.

The Seventh State also had more background on the SEIU’s attempted anti-Miller putsch:

As it has grown over the years, it has become more of a statewide organization in contrast to its roots as a MoCo public employees union. It has had great success organizing adjunct professors and its top state legislative priority in recent years has been a bill allowing community college employees the right to organize. (Currently, collective bargaining is prohibited at most Maryland community colleges.) The bill has died several years in a row and most recently was withdrawn by its Senate sponsor, Guy Guzzone (D-13).

The union blames Mike Miller for not only killing this bill but also blocking other progressive legislation over the years. Two other sore spots for progressives are the General Assembly sexual harassment bill, which passed the House on a 138-0 vote but has not moved in the Senate, and the $15 minimum wage bill, which has not moved in either chamber. Also, progressives have not forgotten Miller’s support for the Roger Taney statue on the statehouse grounds.

Of course, this isn’t the only wacky internal battle that the Democrats are fighting amongst themselves:

  • An eight-way primary for the Democratic nomination for Governor, where none of the candidates have distinguished themselves from the field;
  • The bizarre dispute between Alec Ross and Rich Madaleno, all over the right to finish fourth place in the Democratic gubernatorial primary;
  • A dispute in Baltimore City’s 41st District (recently vacated by corrupt Senator Nathaniel Oaks) between Jill Carter and Martin O’Malley’s son-in-law as to which will replace Oaks in the Senate, all the while they compete in what will be a nasty primary.
  • An absolute scrum in the 6th Congressional District among various wings of the Democratic Party.
  • An inability to agree on actually adopting the pathetically insufficient sexual harassment policy that Democrats promised they would pass.

But this isn’t the only evidence that there is trouble in paradise.

First, take a look at the list of legislation that the Democrats have railroaded through this year:

These bills are being railroaded through the General Assembly (sometimes without holding hearings) and are either designed to curb the authority of the Executive Branch or to make sure that key Democratic constituencies get handouts to encourage greater loyalty and participation in this year’s election.

A strong, confident party doesn’t make those moves. Especially if they thought that a Democrat had a chance to win the governor’s race.

Finally, feel free to take a look at the meltdowns occurring on a daily basis on the Maryland Democratic Party’s social media platforms. Take a look at this, for example:

That entire tweet is a fabrication. A lie. It didn’t happen. Governor Hogan never said it. In fact, that article that the Democrats so smugly link to in the piece completely refutes their assertion.

The measure is not guaranteed passage. Before it can go to the governor, the Senate and House must agree on a version. The deadline is Monday when the legislature adjourns.

A spokeswoman for Hogan, Amelia Chasse, said the governor intends to sign the bill.

“As with any amended bill, he will review the final version once it reaches his desk,” Chasse said. “The governor supports common-sense policies to prevent individuals with mental illnesses or a violent criminal background from harming themselves or others with a firearm, but believes there must be strong due process protections.”

Either the intern running the Democratic Party Twitter account can’t read, or the Maryland Democratic Party is using habitual lying as their social media strategy for this campaign. Combine that with the Democratic Party’s total obsession with talking about President Donald Trump, the NRA, and virtually any other national issue that has nothing to do with state government to the governor’s election and a clearer picture becomes apparent.

The Democrats truly and honestly believe there is a Blue Wave coming. But it’s not coming. Every Democrat is behing Governor Hogan by at least double-digits in each poll. Some by as many as 25%. The Democrats can’t figure out who their candidate for Governor is going to be. None of them are providing a particularly effective reason as to why they want to serve. The two leading candidates, Kevin Kamenetz and Rushern Baker, oversaw widespread school corruption in their counties. All the while the Maryland Democratic Party can’t escape the culture of corruption that they have fostered over the course of decades.

Recent electoral results in other locations have led Democratic analysts to slobber over the idea that a Blue Wave is coming that is going to wipe out Republican gains at the state and federal level. But Maryland is not every state. We are a state of unique challenges and a state where for the last 100 years it is the Democratic establishment that truly constitutes the swamp that needs to be drained. The votes of Maryland said in 2014 that they had enough, which is why Governor Hogan defeated Anthony Brown. It’s why Governor Hogan leads in every poll, with leads against actually named Democratic candidates that dwarf his lead over “generic Democrat.” The more that voters learn about the candidates for Governor the more they learn that they don’t like them and they don’t trust them; it certainly didn’t help that the candidates had to scrape and beg to find running mates to run with them. Meanwhile, two Senators in Anne Arundel County bolted as opposed to facing tough re-election campaigns, one incumbent in a tough re-elect (Ron Young) faces two radicalized primary challengers from the left, another is admitting that she is taking orders from other people, and a third (Jim Mathias) is hinting around that he realizes that the gig is up.

The Democrats are not a party that exudes confidence. At least not in Maryland.

There may be a national Blue Wave; the jury is still far from settled on that matter. But one thing that is obvious is that the Blue Wave isn’t coming to Maryland, and it will not save the Democrats from their years of corruption, neglect, and support of issues that are radically out of touch with Maryland’s voters.

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