Red Maryland Endorsement: Craig Giangrande for State Senate, District 3

Voters in Maryland have a golden opportunity to bring real change this year by electing five additional Republicans to the State Senate. This would truly bring change in that Republicans in the Senate would be able to sustain Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes during his second term.

The 3rd District is one district that is competitive for Republicans, one that has the added bonus of a wild Democratic primary that could endanger the incumbent, Senator Ron Young, and in his place nominate a more radicalized left-wing candidate.

Needless to say, it’s important to make the right choice in this district.

Craig Giangrande is the perfect candidate for this district. Giangrande is a businessman; as the owner of Burger King franchises in the Frederick area, he understands how to meet a payroll. He’s also heavily involved in his community and has done so over the years without the need for fanfare.

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Giangrande also understands that the issues that matter most are the issues affecting Frederick, which is why he points out

Frederick needs an effective leader that will put Frederick first. One that will “Stand-Up” FOR Frederick and “Stand-Up” TO Annapolis.

That attitude has helped him gain an important endorsement in Frederick County politics, that of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Giangrande is the exact type of conservative that we need in Annapolis. As his responses to our candidate survey show, he shares our conservative views on life, health care, education, and a host of other issues.

Conservatives: Craig Giangrande is one of us.

Giangrande has a primary opponent, County Councilman Billy Shreve. Shreve, the winner of Red Maryland’s 2016 Least Valuable Conservative Award, is a walking distraction who is more interested in getting his name in the paper and causing drama than he is being a conservative leader. Remember, this is the same Billy Shreve who openly talked of finding a primary challenger to Governor Hogan and tried to engineer a bizarre campaign finance scheme that ended up costing the state GOP money. The most important thing about Shreve thought when it comes to this race is the fact that he can’t win. He’s caused too much drama and been too much distraction to be an effective general election candidate.

Republicans need to nominate the conservative candidate that is best positioned to win in each of these State Senate races. That’s why Red Maryland endorses Craig Giangrande for State Senate in District 3.

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