Red Maryland Endorsement: Brian Chisholm for Delegate, District 31B

Four years ago we endorsed Brian Chisholm for the House of Delegates in District 31B. This year, we’re doing it again.

On the issues, Chisholm is also a full-service conservative, pledging to oppose any and all new taxes and supporting across the board tax cuts for the personal and corporate income tax. He is also a proponent of local control of schools, a defender of the Second Amendment, and for the elimination of speed cameras.

But this endorsement goes beyond issues. Brian Chisholm is not somebody who is a career politician or aspiring to be a career politician. He’s an entrepreneur and businessman whose mortgage lending business specializes in loans veterans and servicemembers. He’s a family man, who in addition to living with his wife and kids, cares for his wife’s aunt, who has Down Syndrome. Brian himself had a chronic illness which has impaired his vision, losing the ability to see in his left eye and could still lose the vision in his right eye.

Let’s face it Brian Chisholm has other things he could be worried about, but still wants to serve the community. That’s admirable and one further reason why he is worthy of your support.

There are any number of reasons to eliminate  other candidates from consideration as well:

  • David Therrien: Four years ago he ran for this seat. We still have no idea who he actually is.
  • John Leopold: Mountains of words have been written about John Leopold on this site. More will be written here and elsewhere. But let us say this: there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to vote for somebody who was sent to jail for misconduct in office. Ever. That doesn’t even get into Leopold’s record as a liberal Republican, an abortion supporter, and worse. Leopold has been running for office for 50-years and nobody seems to have gotten through to him that the party is over. While it’s a sad commentary that somebody of John Leopold’s advanced age doesn’t have something better to do with his life, it’s high time that voters send a loud and resounding message that Leopold’s brand of corruption is not something Republican voters want to see any more of.
Delegate Nic Kipke will be re-elected in this district and he needs a conservative partner that is worthy of the public’s trust. That’s why Red Maryland endorses Brian Chisholm for Delegate in District 31B.

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