Kathy Klausmeier is on Autopilot

Kathy Klausmeier is on Autopilot

State Senator Kathy Klausmeier showed in a recent video why it’s dangerous to be on autopilot if you’re an incumbent State Senator.

On Friday, Klausmeier post a video explaining her vote for the Democrats unconstitutional plan to take authority over school construction dollars from the Board of Public Works to unaccountable bureaucrats appointed by the General Assembly. You have to see the video to believe it.

Once you get through the meandering musings about the fire alarm, Klausmeier certainly doesn’t sound like she’s particularly enthusiastic about the bill. She readily admits that she didn’t like the bill, but voted for it anyway under the guise of securing more school construction dollars for her district.

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That a Senator in a competitive district where Governor Larry Hogan is extremely popular would take such an insouciant tone about a hotly contested bill that radically alters the way school construction funds are used is absolutely insane. Klausmeier, whether she acknowledges it or not, voted here to remove needed oversight over billions of dollars of state funding and hand it to an unelected body that consisted of lobbyists like John Bohanon until Red Maryland exposed his lobbying activities and forced his resignation. It’s even less politically savvy when you consider that Klausmeier is getting a challenge from Delegate Chrisitan Miele, who is going to have the opportunity to vocally and forcefully stand up for the residents of the 8th District. Miele has an opportunity to show the difference between a legislator who is willing to do what is necessary to promote good and ethical government and a legislator, like Klausmeier, who is phoning it in and giving the Democratic legislative leadership whatever they want.

Klausmeier either has Stockholm Syndrome or she is admitting that she doesn’t really care all that much about government accountability. Either way it is very clear that Klausmeier is deferring to Democratic leadership on bills of the utmost importance and is not going to stand up for the people of her district. She may find out the hard way that the voters disagree with her indifference come November.

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