Candidate Survey: John Cabrera for Montgomery County Central Committee, District 39

John Cabrera


County and District
Montgomery County District 39

AA Degree in Business Administration

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Insurance – Agency Owner

Political Experience
Campaign Supporter


Social Media Accounts

Why are you running for office?
To gain knowledge and experience within the Republican party

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
President Ronald Reagan – He was articulate, smart, charismatic, conservative with morals, kind and patriotic.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
Mostly about Ronald Reagan and his policies…

What do you see as the role of the Central Committee?
To support the party, the ideology, and the candidates…

What is the biggest issue facing your county Republican Party?
Many voters in the county doesn’t see the big picture of the actions we do now that can affect our future…

What are the three biggest issues facing the Maryland Republican Party?
Majority of the voters are Democrats – We need to educate more people regarding the policies we support – We need more candidates in our party that will take a stand during election

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
I am a Roman Catholic. Abortion is not only a sin but, it is murder. Assisted suicide is also murder…

What is your position on taxes and spending?
As a businessman, I believe in taxation and minimal & necessary spending. These issues are another long dissertation proposals…

What is your position on gun rights?
I do not own a gun. However, I believe we should have the right to own it if we choose to own one. People kill people. Guns don’t kill people without someone pulling the trigger. We just need to educate more people about the safety issues regarding gun use.

Do you believe that Maryland Republican Party primaries should be open to independent voters?

Do you believe that the state party and the county parties should be allowed to endorse in primary elections?

Do you believe that Maryland Republican Party auxiliary organizations should have a vote on the Maryland Republican Party executive committee?

Would you support limiting the terms of Maryland Republican Party officers to eight consecutive years in the same office?

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