Candidate Survey: George McDermott for Congress, District 4

George Edward McDermott


Office Sought and District
United States 4th congressional district as Republican

Candidate Response, Graduated New Jersey vo-tech 1962+20 years of
legal training fighting the Maryland Mafia leader Sapperstein crime syndicate of
Baltimore Maryland in Maryland corrupt judicial system. Currently 19,000 docket
entries 110 + Ct. cases as self represented victim of corruption.

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contractor, Builder Developer & Entrepreneur currently victims rights advocate reporter on Judicial abuse and Court abuse

Political Experience
2008 candidate ran for clerk of the court 5 time
candidate for U.S. Congress as a Democrat and Republican no support from
either party received 69,000 plus Votes in the 2016 General Election
campaigns was 95% personally financed no pack money order Republican party

Access campaign through also additional websites under one umbrella

Social Media Accounts
George, George McDermott, George McDermott,, occupy the, Maryland court watch, George McDermott 2016 Facebook, George McDermott Facebook, George McDermott twitter, George McDermott YouTube and others

Why are you running for office?
I am running for office because I was born in the
land of the free and the home of the other brave 70 years later I live in the land
of the scam in the fraud for the benefit of political insiders corporate criminals
protected by the largest Mafia organization world the American Bar Association
who with the judges of this nation are committing treason against the

Constitution and rule of law and as a citizen of the United States of America not
the incorporated entity is my duty to fight to defend the Constitution of the United
States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Running for U.S. Congress
gives me that platform to fight for all rights and liberties of our fellow citizens and
to expose judicial and political corruption to the media and the rest of the world.
My story is 1200+ videos which will attest to my right
as a citizen to address this most important issue in our nation.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
Holding our political leaders and all persons in the
US Justice Department all federal agencies Allstate and local jurisdictions and
especially our nations state and federal court systems judges and court
personnel to their oath of office and loyalty to our organic Constitution. We must
hold those in office accountable for crimes against society and their sellout to
corporate America and political lobbyists working to undermine the integrity of
our nation and financially destroy our nation through waste fraud and abuse of
taxpayers money, assets, and principles of law

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
The Federalist papers, the biographies of Thomas Payne, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Adams. True leaders who would
turn over in their graves if they were to visit the United States today and see the
disrespect and treasonous acts of our political and judicial leaders. Looking out
for themselves and their wealth rather than prosperity and longevity of this great

What will be your top priority in Congress?
My top priority would be to immediately upon
taking office introduce legislation demanding that our leaders inform the
American public of that which they have held secret for far too long. And our
judicial branch of government be held accountable for violations of the standards
of conduct set forth in their canons of law. Our citizenry has a right to know that
all laws of the United States were turned over to international law by an act of
Congress not by amendment to the Constitution of the United States making all
of our courts subservient to international law and law merchants. Where judges
help court insiders due to wealth of this nation.

What is the biggest issue facing your district?
Corruption within the state and federal judicial
system in the state of Maryland is out of control within our court system his
agents are now warring against the Constitution of the United States this district
has a foreclosure rate the highest in the nation and yet not one Judge in the
state or federal judicial system has the guts to stand up against corporate
America’s banking system and demand that they produce evidence that their
alleged attorneys/debt collectors are stealing the homes of tens of tens of tens of
thousands of Maryland residents with forged unsigned documents and unsigned
orders from our courts of appeal as Judges are committing treason against the
Constitution is clearly defined under title 18 United States criminal code 18 USC
2342 – 43…..

What are the three biggest issues facing our country?
Number (1) Reinstating citizens United it is ludicrous that
a corporation is defined as one person in a court of law but not defined as a
person in federal and state election laws putting limits on what they can
contribute to an individual campaign which should be no more than what an
individual citizen is allowed to contribute, our government is now owned by
corporate America because of abuses of the election process favoring the
wealthy over the individual in violation of our basic fundamental constitutional
Number (2). Holding all political and judicial branches of government to
accountability and that they provide honest services to all citizens not just favor
corporate insiders and their legal representatives who flagrantly violate their oath
of office to protect criminals within the artists branches of government and make
the taxpayer paid for their defenses this must stop.
Number (3). I believe the American Bar Association is the largest stumbling
block for the success of the United States living up to potential of our founding
fathers, the 81st Congress house on un-American activities declared the
national lawyers Guild to be un-American organization whose members would
not recognize their oath of office and loyalty to the Constitution because of their
affiliations with the communist state of Russia and that its members now
American Bar Association members have engaged in war against our
Constitution setting aside the rights and liberties of our citizenry to support
corporate America over our Constitution and rule of law.

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
(A) believe in a woman’s choice and all Americans
right to free choice there must be limits the state is not compelled to pay for
abortions at will this is a failure of our state and federal legislatures. Who are
being influenced by lobbyist not by common sense.
(B) .Assisted suicide in instances where patients are considered terminal is a
choice of the patient, the doctor, is not the place of the government or our
healthcare system to prolong the suffering and pain of victims who can no longer
speak for themselves. If you check the records now you’ll see that when our
elderly go to the hospital’s in your over 80 years old they will do what they can
and at hospital to put you down if you want to know the truth call me at 301-996-9577 and I will give you numerous examples of people being euthanized by the
hospital’s in the belief that they don’t deserve, live.

What is your position on taxes, spending and the federal deficit?
Once again taxes are an area that if you are wealthy and have attorneys you can get away with anything and generally do, if
you our middle class or lower class of citizens of this nation the IRS will beat you
to death and cause you to hire more attorneys to prevent extortion by threat from
IRS agents who know that the lower and middle class citizens don’t have the
resources to get justice in our nation’s courts. 97.5 percent of all pro se litigant
cases in the United States are dismissed illegally. Favoring corporate fraud over
justice for all.

What is your position on gun rights?
Once again everyone has a right in this nation to
life liberty and The Pursuit of Happy ness which is incorporated into our Bill of
Rights bigotry has no place in our society. Government policies are in adequate
and outdated just as segregation is been outlawed so should be bigotry.

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?
Legalization of marijuana for recreational use and
nonmedical use is a mistake that will ultimately come back to haunt those who
back it will lead to abuse and the secondhand smoke on the children of this
generation who do not use it but are victims of the those who use it will creep
into our workforce, our homes churches and places of assembly. I do not
support nonmedical use.

What is your position on trade?
Fair trade can only happen when you’re dealing
with clean hands unfortunately many of our trade agreements are put together
by politicians and lobbyists who promote their own self interest and wealth over
the economy and the preservation of our industries both here and abroad.

What is your position on foreign policy and military issues?
Foreign policy should not be left to the president at the time foreign policy needs teams of well educated and appointed officials acting free of special interest and with clean hands to craft a policy that is in the best interest of this nation not only for today but decades to come unfortunately the current administration is left of foreign policy leadership in disarray through the revolving door policy of secretaries of State and top analyst. Which diminishes our standing worldwide as a world leader.

Would you support the passage of the Human Life Amendment?

Would you support the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment?

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ADDENDUM: McDermott eventually complained to us that we didn’t print his survey in a timely manner, and implied that there was a conspriacy theory to not publish his survey:

As a candidate for U.S. Congress running unopposed in Maryland’s 4th congressional district I noticed my name has not been added to your recent list of candidates. Is there any specific reasons why Could it possibly be I am trying to get to the truth of the matter as to why Maryland courts are so corrupt and acting outside of the rule of law and our Constitution in every instance. My history is posted I spend a great deal of time Fighting for the rights and liberties of Fellow victims of judicial abuse and legal malpractice. George McDermott.

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