Candidate Survey: Edison Hatter for Frederick County Board of Education

Edison Hatter


Frederick County

Mother Seton School, St. Maria Goretti High School, Catoctin High School, Mount St. Mary’s University

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Education Experience
Current senior in high school with dual enrollment at Mount St. Mary’s University. Currently full time and taking second year of courses at the Mount.

Political Experience
I am the current secretary of the Citizens Advisory Council, a subcommittee to the Frederick County Board of Education.


Social Media Accounts
Twitter: @HatterForBOE Facebook: Friends of Edison Hatter

Why are you running for office?
I am running for office to try to fix the problems of the system that I have just come through. The current testing culture is horrifying and I want the next generation of students to experience better. Similarly, school safety is on everyone’s mind right now. No student should be afraid to enter a school and I want to help ensure that.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
I consider Governor Larry Hogan to be my political role model. I was very impressed with him during the 2014 gubernatorial election cycle and enjoyed meeting him and his wife at a campaign event at the time. He has helped lead our state in a positive direction and has perservered and continued to lead as he takes care of his own health.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
Perestroika by Mikhail Gorbachev is a fascinating book. It is very interesting to see how and why decisions were made by Gorbachev in the 1980s through his own eyes.

What is your favorite book about education, and why?
Outliers by Malcom Gladwell is probably my favorite book on education. I find it fascinating how different people and have different paths to success and how seemingly similar individuals and groups can have vastly different outcomes in the long run.

What will be your top priority on the Board of Education?
My top priority on the Board of Education will be to protect our schools. We need to consider arming additional school personnel to better protect our schools. We should also look at cheaper alternatives such as deterrent signs and not allowing students to carry their backpacks to class.
What is the biggest issue facing your county schools?
School security.

What are the three biggest issues facing Maryland schools?
Standardized Testing, class size, and school security.

Have you read your county schools curriculum? If so, which parts do you like and which parts do you dislike?
I find that the curriculum that is not dictated by numerous state or national standardized tests is best. Courses such as social studies and science with fewer tests are significantly better than those like math that are plagued by standardized tests.

What is your position on school spending?
I mostly support the current school spending, but would look to add more funding for special education and would also try to be more transparent to the public about the budget and avoid using categories like “special charges” and “other” in the budget.

Please identify the three areas which you believe should be prioritized when it comes to school funding
Curriculum, Security, Special Education

What is your position on teacher tenure?

What is your position on standardized testing?

What is your position on classroom size?
Support reducing class size in whatever ways possible.

Do you believe the Board of Education should have taxation authority?
No, I support the current format of the County Council, in conjunction with the County Executive, determining the budget for the system.

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